Through the practice of taekwondo, we aim to improve student’s physical well being, fitness and strength, their self-confidence and discipline, and provide them with the skills needed to defend themselves and succeed in life. Our commitment is to bringing top quality instruction and training to our students of all ages, in an atmosphere that is fun and family-oriented.


We have our own dojang that provides a safe place for you to train. We provide facilities and amenities to enable members to participate in and develop the martial art of Taekwondo. We have a wealth of very experienced black belts. Classes are taken by black belts/instructors with world recognized qualifications assisted by experienced senior students. As students learn they are tested regularly to assess their current level of ability.


In 1999 the club commenced training in a dedicated training hall, with an interior modeled on a traditional Korean Dojang. The training hall or “Dojang”, which translates as “the place of the way” has an important role in traditional martial arts training. More than just a physical location, this is a place where the martial artist can develop traditional values and strength of character free from the demands of the outside world.


Our club is family oriented; there is a good male/female representation in the club. As a further objective the club is committed to maintaining a low cost to members, in terms of membership, grading and monthly training fees. Our club has been operating for over 25 years. We teach the South Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo in accordance with the regulations and guidelines as set by the World Taekwondo, Seoul, South Korea and the New Zealand Taekwondo Union, Wellington, New Zealand.


The club is a non-profit organisation that thrives due to the commitment and energy of our members, and particularly our committee members. We are all volunteers who donate our time and energy including instructors and committee members.

President - Paul Watts

Secretary - TBA

Treasurer - Joanne Vergeer

Committee Members - Mike Didham - Andrea Dawson

Website Maintenance - Richard Vergeer

Join the Committee

The committee always needs new people and new ideas. If you have an interest talk to one of the existing committee members. The committee is voted in each year at the Annual General Meeting.


The Instructors

The club is a non-profit organisation that thrives due to the commitment and energy of our members. The instructors are all volunteers who donate their time and energy. All our instructors go through a training program, buddying up with an experienced instructor before getting a class of their own.


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