NEWS UPDATE - 18 September 2018

Dear Instructors                        

Please see attached the latest update from Taekwondo New Zealand along with our previous press release and letter of endorsement from World Taekwondo. We kindly ask that you share this with your members and any interested parties.

Please also note our new email address -  interimboardtnz@gmail.com - for all official TNZ communications or if you wish to contact us with any queries. 

This is also confirmed on the official World Taekwondo website members page as follows: 


Kind Regards

Matt Ransom
Interim Board Member
Taekwondo New Zealand

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2018 Presidents Cup and Oceania Championships

A team of 15 athletes travelled from New Zealand to French Polynesia last month to compete in the 2018 Presidents Cup and Oceania Championships. Our team was small compared to other countries, but we made up for it when one of the Kyorugi coaches took out gold in the Poomsae and would later go on to also win gold in Oceanias. The heat was a disadvantage, and all of the NZ fighters did their very best in spite of it. I was up against Australia first, and was not able to take away the win but I did manage to stay on my feet despite blacking out in the first round. Oceanias rolled around after a days break and the heat turned up. Being up in the first round, I got too comfortable and by the third round, we were point for point. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to come up from being 4 points behind and the clock ran out, leaving me exhausted. Overall, being my first international tournament, it was an incredible experience and has taught me a lot. I’m grateful for everyone who enabled me to go and be able to compete, and I’m looking forward to the next one!  
Jemesa Landers

Good morning, Instructors!  

*The Taekwondo Union of New Zealand National Champs and NZETKD Selection tournament is now only about a month away.  We look forward to seeing you all there, and thank Staci, the tournament director, and her team, very much for all the work they are putting into getting this ready.

*The TUNZ Top of the South tournament pack has been sent out last weekend – hopefully everyone got a copy of this.  Thank you to Kevin and Bruce for their effort to make an enjoyable tournament on the Saturday of the Labour weekend!

*Attached is the new DAN grading schedule that was approved by the Executive Council at the May 2018 AGM.  A couple of clubs are trialling this now – and the new Student Log book as well – to iron out any unforeseen kinks.  The new schedule will begin to roll out nationwide after the Instructors’ Camp in January.  

*Also attached is a write up by Sophia Haynes of the Victoria University Taekwondo Club – Sophia and colleagues attended the Chungdokwan Taekwondo Summer Seminar this year in Seoul, Korea – her article makes for interesting reading, and something some of you may wish more information about. Please get back to me if you do.

*TUNZ welcomes a new club to its membership – Zima Taekwondo Club in Sakhalinsk, Russia!  Instructor is Mike Hannah – formerly of the New Plymouth Taekwondo Club.  

*Dates to remember – for 2019:

-  The January 2019 Instructors’ Camp noted on your calendars – on Wellington Anniversary weekend.  Decisions are made at this that affect everyone – we need your opinions and your say.  It is a great way to network and meet up with other instructors and the Ex Co, and to get some new and different ideas!  

-   TUNZ North Island Championships tournament in New Plymouth is Saturday, 30 March, 2019 in New Plymouth – please add this to your calendars NOW!

*Remember to view the TUNZ website and the TUNZ Facebook page and the TUNZ Instructors’ page if you have the time to do so!  Need any help with this?  Please get back in touch with the secretary (secretary@tunz.net.nz

Kind regards – Joan
Joan Fountain
Taekwondo Union of New Zealand

Chungdokwan Taekwondo Summer Seminar article

Examination dan gradings - approved by EX CO May AGM 2018

Good morning, All! Please note the date of the TUNZ 2019 North Island Championships in New Plymouth for your calendars now!  Saturday, 30 March, 2019. The tournament package will provide more details closer to the time.   Hope to see you all there!  

Kind regards – Joan
Joan Fountain
Taekwondo Union of New Zealand

Dear Instructors                        

Please see the attached letters from Taekwondo New Zealand and World Taekwondo which contain important updates for all.   
Please share this with your members and any interested parties.                         

Kind Regards,

Matt Ransom
Interim Board Member
Taekwondo New Zealand

TNZ Update 18 Sept 2018

Press Release TNZ


TUNZ 2018 National Championships to be held in Porirua (near Wellington) on 29-30 September.  The TUNZ Nationals will be run in conjunction with the NZETKD Selection tournament. 


Congratulations to our team who travelled down to Dunedin for the 2018 TUNZ South Island Championships.

Best black belt fighter - Cesse

                                      TUNZ POOMSAE SQUAD DATES 2018

TUNZ - 2018 Poomsae Squad trainings

TUNZ Member - $100 Annual Registration Fee  - this fee covers 7 to 8 training sessions.

The Taekwondo Union of New Zealand is please to invite you and all your students to the 2018 Poomsae Squad trainings. These are held approximately every 6 weeks. Upper North held in Tauranga. Lower North held in Palmerston North. Upper South to be held in Christchurch. Lower South to be held in Dunedin. Anyone who wants to improve their poomsae for gradings or tournaments is invited to attend. Like last year, the teaching programme is organised by our National Poomsae Director, and is delivered by regional poomsae directors. Attached please find the 2018 registration form for you and your students. www.tunz.net.nz

Tasman-Nelson-Marlborough TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIP

Nelson Tournament report from Clark Burns and Lawrence Elliot.

  A team of 7 club members, 3 officials traveled to Nelson this weekend in the TNM Tournament. Ryan, Cesse, Harrison,Josh and Brie competed in Poomsae and sparring, while Lawrence and Tom also competed in sparring.  Brie was in placed after doing an excellent job with both her Pomsae. Cesse won Gold, Ryan won silver, Josh won bronze, Harrison and Josh won silver in the pairs. Cesse, Harrison and Josh also won a silver on the teams and in the sparring...Brie won gold, Cesse won gold, Josh won bronze (1st fight with head shots!) Ryan won bronze Lawrence won bronze, Tom won gold. Harrison had a very tough draw, with 7 fighters and was not placedIt was a great tournament, and hope to return next year.

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