Latest News -  22 March 2020  -  TRAINING - 

Due to Convid-19, all training will be put hold until mid- April 2020 or until further notice in accordance to government's policy/guidelines. We will update all members on our Heja app regularly.

Thank you for your support. Stay safe.

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Hi team! 

Training for the year 2020 starts tomorrow. Same class hours:

General Classes (Mondays and Wednesdays)
Kids class 5:15 - 6:15 PM
Adults class 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Poomsae Class (Tuesdays)
6PM - 7PM

Sparring Class (Thursdays)
6PM - 7:30 PM

See you all!

End of Year Function 2019

Good day Team! Sharing you https://www.facebook.com/chcholympictkd/ of our sportive Christmas party yesterday. Thank you to all who showed up, participated and made this experience fun and memorable for both kids and adults! Nice to see big smiles and laughs from all of you!  Wishing everyone a delightful holidays! Have a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

A massive congratulations to everyone who passed their black belt grading - 

A massive congratulations to everyone who passed their black belt grading last Saturday (23 November). After a long strenuous and mentally demanding grading, all our six inspiring members achieved their black belts and degrees. Our current black belts Chris, Mary, Harrison and Chrissy advanced to their 2nd Dan degree black belt while Koro and Zac shall now be wearing their newly graded junior black belts. Awesome work you guys! You all showed physical and mental toughness and for that, you all a rock star!

The Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo team would also like to express gratitude to Grandmaster Vijay Cchika who took charge of the test. Your time, guidance and input of knowledge are very much appreciated!


Dates for 2020


17, 18, 19 April: TUNZ Regional Poomsae Directors and Kyorugi Referees to Budo South seminars – Tauranga


9 May: TUNZ Poomsae Programme – Dunedin

9 May: TUNZ Poomsae Programme - Christchurch 23 May: TUNZ Poomsae Programme – Auckland


20 June: Poomsae Director Development Workshop – Wellington 21 June: TUNZ Poomsae Programme - Wellington

27 June: TUNZ Poomsae Programme – New Plymouth


4 July: TUNZ Poomsae Programme – Christchurch (venue to be confirmed) 11 July: Otago Poomsae Development Tournament – Dunedin

25 July: TUNZ Poomsae Programme – Dunedin


15 August: TUNZ Poomsae Programme – Christchurch 22 August: TUNZ Executive Council full-day meeting


5 September: TUNZ Poomsae Programme – Dunedin

26/27 September: TUNZ National Invitational Championships – Wellington


10/11 October: Oceania Multimedia Festival – Tauranga

24 October: TUNZ Top of the South Tournament – Blenheim


22 January: TUNZ Annual General Meeting

22/23/24 January: TUNZ Instructors’ Camp – Palmerston North

Kindest regards – Joan
Joan Fountain
Taekwondo Union of New Zealand

Herning 2020 World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships

From “Herning 2020” the history will change because Poomsae will enjoy the same treatment as combat, both in Traditional and Free Style.

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