2018 NZUTA Open Taekwondo Championship

Saturday 2 June 2018 - Sunday 3 June 2018

Dear Instructor

It is with great pleasure that we invite you and your students to participate in the 2018 NZUTA Open Taekwondo Championships.

Attached is a Tournament Information Pack- LINK

The tournament will be held at Tauranga Boys College Gymnasium on the 2nd & 3rd of June 2018, and is open to all WTF style colour belts (8th Keup and above) and Black Belts. Entry requirements for overseas competitors are that they must be a member of a WTF style organization.

This will be a Poomsae and sparring competition. The sparring will be full contact under WTF rules (with NO head contact for competitors 11 years and under). Competitors should be aware of the tournament rules, safety equipment requirements, and the attached Hazard Control Plans for the major significant hazards present during the tournament competition.

Electronic Chest Guards will be used for all competitors 2-1 Keup & Over, from Cadets to Senior Divisions. So please make sure you have the Electronic Foot Socks for the competition.

For safety and fairness, we must match competitors in accordance with the rules by age, weight, height, and grade, so it is important for Instructors to check that the correct information is entered on the entry forms & the Team List form provided. This will ensure your athletes are not disappointed by being disqualified prior to competing.

All Team Lists must be received by 10pm Friday 11th of May 2018, and all entry forms must be handed in at the time of weigh in.

All Entry Fees are to be paid by the 25th May. Please note that this is a knock out tournament, so there will be no play offs for 3rd & 4th place.

We also ask that all officials (Referees & Judges) register on the Team List provided so that we can plan ahead to ensure that the tournament is run as smoothly and as fairly as possible.

This information package is designed to assist officials, instructors and competitors. If there are any questions in relation to this package or the tournament, please do not hesitate to contact the NZUTA Organizing Committee.

Sincerely yours in Taekwondo

Master Kesi O’Neill President N.Z.U.T.A 

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