Kukkiwon International Taekwondo Masters Course 2022

Kukkiwon International Taekwondo Masters Course 2022
On August 28 to September 2, Christchurch Olympic Head Instructor Master Alan Brian and Senior Instructor Mary Maravilla attended the Kukkiwon 88th International Taekwondo Masters course held at The Parnell Hotel and Conference Centre in Auckland.
The Kukkiwon International Taekwondo Master course is a 40 hour program (10hour sessions for 4 days) that covers wide range of Taekwondo theories such as history, Poomsae and Kyorugi coaching techniques.
Furthermore, Master Alan Brian stayed for another two days for the Poom/Dan Examiners course.
The last days of the courses were allotted for the exam both written and practical. Two Poomsae was randomly handpicked the day before and performed on the exam day in-front of three Korean Grandmasters. It was a true test of mind and body!
The course was very helpful for all the New Zealand Taekwondo coaches to up-skill their technical knowledge and and guide their approach to teaching. The course was offered to those in Oceania Continental Union so it was a good opportunity to interact with international experts and fellow Taekwondo practitioners from NZ, Australia and Hong Kong.
Massive thank you to Taekwondo New Zealand who organised this very Taekwondo enriching event. This upskilling of our coaches will positively influence and improve the standard of New Zealand Athletes at grass-root level and will help with the development of aspiring young athletes in the near future.

Posted: Mon 05 Sep 2022



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