Preparation is important for any Grading, make sure you are prepared before the day by doing the following:
 Make sure you know all your required syllabus.

 1. Choose a Grading Partner for self defence and pre-arranged sparring and ensure you practise with your partner.  Confirm that
      they will be there on the day to assist you

 2. The night before grading make sure your uniform is clean and tidy and ironed flat.

 3. Ensure you have all your sparring equipment: arm/shin guards, body pad, head guard, mouth guard etc as well as a drink bottle
     and towel.

 4. If you have an illness or injury make sure you tell a Black Belt before the Grading starts.  If there is a chance you may require an
     Inhaler during the Grading, tell a Black Belt before the Grading and place your named Inhaler at the front of the hall so we can
     access it quickly.

 Concentration is the key to a successful Grading.  Remember to concentrate on the following

1. ETIQUETTE:  No talking or laughing during Grading. Remember to bow and turn to the back if you need to adjust your Uniform.
2. TECHNIQUE: Be sure to demonstrate every stance, kick, block, or strike with precision and accuracy.
3. POWER:     Be powerful with every technique, be confident and convincing.
4. KIYAPS:   Remember loud, confident Kiyap especially in Power Test and Self Defence
5. SLOW PACE: Slow down your patterns and show the examiner every technique
6. CONFIDENCE: Stand tall, look straight ahead and be confident of everything you do. Even if you make a mistake, keep going!


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