Basic Motion


Taekwondo is a martial art for self cultivation, which enables one to exert techniques in the air, using bare hands and unmeasured speed and power, and to embody the spiritual integration by means of cultivating spirit and energy to concentrate it on one thing. One can also bring about the physical development through physical motions during the practice of techniques, strengthen the spiritual power to control the body with a strong will and perseverance, and enhance the sense of justice to become a righteous man as a result of repeated self restraints following his or her own judgment of situations and self determination.

However, one must establish a long range goal in practicing Taekwondo. Anything that has no end is meaningless. Even in daily life, one feels contented when a man has successfully fulfilled the day's work. So is the case with Taekwondo practice. One must exert all his efforts to perform correct and powerful techniques, such as punching, kicking, defending,etc., always keeping in mind his ultimate goal.


0 - Targets of attack                                          0 - Parts of Attack and Defence in Body
                                                                                            0 - Jumeok (fist)

The page "Basic Motions"   In life, "Get The Basics Right And Everything Else Will Follow"



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