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WT Competition Rules & Interpretation (June, 2018)

Our Simple Guide To The WTF Taekwondo Sparring Rules

On this page we give you the important taekwondo sparring rules - so you can understand the basics of a taekwondo sparring match.

We tell you

  • what you need to wear
  • what scores a point
  • what you can do
  • and what you can't do!

We also explain the recent rule changes and the thinking behind them.


What You Need To Wear In A Wtf Taekwondo Sparring Competition

You need 

  • chest (or trunk) protector
  • head guard
  • groin guard
  • forearm guards
  • shin guards
  • hand protectors
  • and a mouth-guard

Your sparring gear needs to be WTF approved.

You should wear your groin, forearm and shin guards underneath your taekwondo uniform. 

Here's some help with choosing your tkd sparring gear.

Each tkd sparring competition has weight categories. Weight categories vary depending on the tournament.


Taekwondo Sparring Techniques You Can Do

taekwondo sparring rules,taekwondo sparring,taekwondo

Basically you can punch (with a clenched fist).

And you can kick with any part of your foot below your ankle.

And that's it.

No other techniques are allowed only punches and kicks.

You can kick to two places. Your opponent's chest protector or head.

You can punch your opponent's chest protector. (Although it's got to be a very powerful punch to score!)

You can't punch your opponent in the head or face.

You can't kick or punch your opponent's spine or below their chest protector.


Taekwondo Sparring Rules - Scoring Points

taekwondo sparring rules,taekwondo sparring,taekwondo

  • You get one point for a basic attack to your opponent's chest protector (for example a basic turning kick).
  • You get two points for a kick to your opponent's chest protector if the kick involves a spinning technique - (this includes back kick).
  • You get 3 points for a kick to your opponent's head.

To score a point your punch or kick has to be accurate and powerful. Light tapping kicks do not score.

In major competitions, chest protectors have electronic scoring systems in them. These are adjusted to take into account the weight category of the competitors. (Heavier players have to kick harder to score a point.)

For head kicks and if non-electronic hogus are used then at least 3 judges have to see the point and score it at the same time. The judges push a button when they see a point.


How Do You Win In Taekwondo Sparring

At the end of 3 rounds (2 for juniors) the winner is the player with the most points.

You can also win by knocking out you opponent.

If it's a draw after 3 rounds then there is a golden point round. The first player to score a point in this round wins.

If no-one scores a golden point then the winner is the player who shows the best technique in the golden point round.


Taekwondo Sparring Rules - What You Can't Do

These are the common things that give your opponent penalty points

  • Stepping both feet out of ring
  • Evading by turning your back on your opponent
  • Intentionally falling down
  • Avoiding the match
  • Grabbing, holding or pushing your opponent
  • Attacking below your opponent's waist
  • Pretending to be injured
  • Butting or attacking with your knee
  • Hitting your opponent's face with your hand


Recent Changes To The WTF Sparring Rules

taekwondo sparring rules,taekwondo sparring,taekwondo

At the last Olympics the taekwondo didn't go down well as a spectator sport. Audiences didn't think there was enough action.

The WTF have made some changes to the taekwondo sparring rules. The aim of the rule changes is to make WTF tkd fairer, and more interesting to watch.

The taekwondo sparring ring is now smaller. Officials hope this will result in more action. And penalty points are now deducted for inactivity. 

Players at high level taekwondo tournaments now wear electronic hogus or chest protectors. This means that body shots are scored automatically. 

In the past at least 3 judges had to see the same point for it to count. This meant valid points could easily be missed.

If a player and their coach think there has been a mistake with the score they can now make a protest. A decision is then made using a video replay of the bout. 

With the old taekwondo sparring rules if you were ahead by 7 clear points you won. And if you got to 12 points you won. Now the match goes the full distance and the winner is the player with the most points at the end.

(Sometimes in the past 7 points were scored very quickly and the fight was over in seconds. This new rule allows people time to get into the fight which is good for beginners. At the last NSW state championships we saw a young lad come back from 9-0 down to win.)

All body shots used to be 1 point. Now spinning kicks to the body (including back kick) are worth 2 points. This is to try to encourage taekwondo players to try more flamboyant techniques (and not to just to stick to turning kicks all the time.)

We hope our summary of the important taekwondo sparring rules is useful.

If you want the full version they're here on the WTF site.

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Micah bronze medal winner

Congratulations to our club members that competed at this weekends championships. A big thankyou to all those that helped out at the event also Joshua Vergeer and Tom Burns receiving referee of the tournament.

 Article  by Farren Landers - TUNZ South Island Championships held on 21 - 22 Sept 2013.

In Hornby, Christchurch from the 21st to the 22nd of September, our taekwondo club called Christchurch Olympic, competed in the south island championship tournament.

We had a fairly big team full of strong competitors. This was my second tournament and my first one in the south island. I was up against 12-14 year olds of grades from eight to six. The first event was the poomsae. Being the sixth group in the first ring made me have to wait for everyone else. Watching my team-mates made me feel more anticipation.

When it finally came to my go I went to go line up, and I waited there in jembee. After my opponents and I had done our patterns we lined up in front of the judges. I was awarded 1st place and almost immediately received a gold medal.  I had done all of the taekwondo I needed to do that day.

The next day was when I was to do the sparring. I was about a dozen fights away on ring two. I went to the warm up ring to prepare. After that I went and got my sparring gear on and I also got it checked. While I was doing that I found out that I might be allowed to do head shots. I was a little bit worried as I am a short person. I went and waited for my turn at the back of the ring area. While I was there I learned I was allowed to do head kicks. I stepped into the ring a little while later to face my opponent and start my first round. It was a hard round and by the end of it, it was two to two. My opponent and I were tied. We started the second round. I worked hard, fast and I did a few head shots. By the end of the second round it was 12 to three. I was only three points away from winning! Halfway through the last round I managed to do a head kick, scoring me three points and landing me as the winner of the sparring for my grade, age and weight. I was thoroughly pleased with my results.

My overall experience of the tournament was thrilling and my gold medals left me happy with my effort. I will definitely do this again and I am looking forward to next year. Thank you to everyone who supported me.      Farran Landers


Poomsae Individual


Tom Burns      Zephyr Quartly Jemesa Landers Farran Landers


Anita Harding Lawrence Elliott


Ginny Cheng      
Poomsae Pairs       


Lawrence Elliot Katrina Burns

Jemesa Landers Kathryn Murray

Poomsae Team 


Anita Harding Ginny Cheng Rafael Neaves



Madison Didham Zephyr Quartly Tom Burns Farran Landers Jemesa Landers Connor McAlister Kurt Engelbrecht



Ginny Cheng Lawrence Elliott Jacob Moylan Jamie McAlister Connor Wilson



Zachary Landers Kurt Engelbrecht 

TUNZ National Tournament held in Wellington on 10-11th August 2013

Here is  bit of prose.

National Club Tae Kwon Do Tournament 10th August
The snap of the kick as it hit the bodypad.  Family, friends and club mates screaming for their fighter.  People chatting, talking about who will win this fight, what place will this person come.  These are the things I hear when I remember the National Club TKD tournament.

They called me up and I waited.  We were divided into 2 groups of about 12 each.  I waited some more.  When my turn came, I did my best bow onto the mat.  I started with Targeuk 1, maybe a little jerky, but OK overall.  I finished Targeuk 3 and bowed off the mat.  We waited tensely as we were called for the places to be given.  It turned out I came second which I was pretty please about.

Sparring is what the majority of people come to watch.  I was all warmed up and ready but no coach appeared.  Lawrence volunteered at the last minute.  Everything was going well until the last 30 seconds when I got really tired and long story short, was smashed.  In my second fight, I had a new tactic.  It worked and in the end I won quite convincingly.  This meant I won the bronze medal.
Tom received a silver and a bronze, like me.  Nic won the silver which was good considering he fought someone in the top 20 in the world for his division.  Lawrence won a sliver and everyone did well.

The North vs South tournament was pretty much all ready decided as all the Norths were at least a head taller that their South opponents.  We were smashed until the buzzer sounded- the score was about 66-33.  Devastating.  Overall, the tournament went OK.  I was proud of our team and would not have changed anything, except maybe my first fight...

By - Jemesa



Alan Brian in Puebla, Mexico at the World Championships. Alan  competed in the men's under 74kg weight division.

The NZ team had 7 fighters competing in the 7 day tournament. This years World Championships  attracted over 800 competitors from over 130 different countries. 

             Opening Ceremony

Christchurch Olympic TKD recently had two of its members compete at the WTF Oceania Championships held on the Gold Coast.

Alan Brian and Nic Dorman were both selected to represent NZ at this world ranked event. 

Nic did well in his first fight, but came undone in his second, eventually taking a bronze medal after losing to the overall silver medalist from Tahiti.

Alan won his opening two bouts and made the final. After a close three rounds the scores were tied and the fight had to go to a golden point fourth round. Unfortunately the point didn't go Alan's way and he had to settle for a silver medal.

Check out the Taekwondo NZ home page for the full NZ team results.




CHRISTCHURCH 4th-5th August 2012





 Hannah Lee        
 Ginny Cheng
 Tom Burns
 Lawrence Elliott


 Kathrina Burns 


 Hannah Lee 
 Ginny Cheng


 Tom Burns     
 Vagdhan Roy 


   Ginny Cheng   
   Hannah Lee
   Kathrina Burns


   Alan Brian 
   Nic Dorman
   Ginny Cheng
   Paul Watts
   Lawrence Elliot
   Katie McLaughlin
   Abigail McLaughlin  
   Christian Cardenas  
   Clark Burns 


  Fraser McConnell
  Connor Wilson
  Madison Didham
  Tom Burns
  Jamesa Landers
  James Bonifacio 


A team of 19 competitors represented Christchurch Olympic at the recent TUNZ National tournament, held at Rolleston.  The fine work put in by Poomsae Director Liam Fernyhough was certainly in evidence, with all Poomsae competitors coming away with medals, most of them Gold.  Not only were Christchurch Olympic competitors able to clean up on the mat, they were also able to critique other competitors to identify errors that Liam had pointed out to us as we trained.  The Poomsae classes certainly paid off. If the thought of fighting at a competition frightens you, going onto the mat as a well-trained Poomsae competitor enables you to be part of the team.

Once again Christchurch Olympic showed the benefit of having highly skilled current fighters as our coaches for the sparring.  The club achieved some notable medals.  Two that stood out were Lawrence’s gold medal winning fight against a higher graded opponent, and Ginny’s winning against a black belt opponent. Also noteworthy was our international transfer Christian, who won his two fights, certainly without understanding a thing the referee said, and almost certainly not a thing that Alan said either, as Alan tends to talk very fast when excited!  Clark was delighted to be fighting someone nearer his own rather than his son’s age, and was pleased to come away with a gold medal and several multi-coloured bruises.  Our senior black belts put on their usual excellent and entertaining show, with James showing that he is starting to close the gap on Alan.  Our junior female black belts were dominant and the male junior black belts acquitted themselves well against older and taller opponents.  The coloured belt juniors also had good success with several showing their coaches the areas they need to work on in order to gain gold.

The next tournament is the Top of the South being held at Blenheim on the 27th of October.  For anyone who was just a spectator at the Nationals but thought that it looked like something they could give go, this is an excellent tournament to start with as it is lower key than the Nationals.  If you are keen to give it a go, make sure to attend some of the sparring classes held on Saturday mornings from 8.30 to 10.00 (don’t be late) or the Poomsae class on Tuesday night from 6.00 to 7.00.

Clark Burns




Vaughn Scott loses taekwondo repechage

DUCKING FOR COVER: Nesar Ahmad Bahawi (R) of Afghanistan competes against Vaughn Scott of New Zealand.

New Zealand's Olympic  Games taekwondo campaign is over after Vaughn Scott lost his repechage fight in the men's 80kg class in London this morning. The 22-year-old Aucklander  got a chance to fight again because his first round conqueror Argentina's Sebastian Crismanich qualified for the final. But Scott lost 11-6 to Afghanisatan's Nesar Ahmad Bahawi, scoring two points from offensive kicks and another from a defensive punch and three from penalties awarded against his opponent. Scott was the only of the three New Zealand fighter to get  a second bout in London.  Logan Campbell (men's 68kg) and Robin Cheong (women's 57kg) were eliminated in the first round earlier in the tournament. Crismanich, the Pan American Games champion, beat Scott 9-5 last night, dominating the first two rounds after a bright start by the Cape Town-born Kiwi. The Argentine beat Bahawi 9-1 in the quarterfinals and Armenia's Arman Yeremyan in the semifinals and will fight Spain's Nicolas Hemme Garcia, the 2009 world championship runner-up, for the gold medal later this morning.

Vaughn Scott loses first round taekwondo fight

FLYING KICK: Vaughn Scott (left) of New Zealand competes against Sebastian Eduardo Crismanich of Argentina during the men's -80kg taekwondo.

Aucklander Vaughn Scott has become the third New Zealand taekwondo fighter to lose in the first round at the London Olympic Games.The 22-year-old Cape Town-born fighter, who took up the sport at 14, lost to Argentina's Pan American Games champion Sebastian Crismanich, 9-5 in the men's 80kg class.

Scott will be eliminated from repechage contention if Crismanich loses his second round match.Scott - ranked 18th in the world - went out aggressively from the start of the first round, taking an early tumble in his eagerness to score. He matched Crismanich, the seventh-seed, point for point with offensive kicks until the Argentine accrued a 5-2 advantage and added another to lead 6-2 at the end of the first round.

The Kiwi made another assertive opening in the second round, scoring a flurry of three points - two with an offensive kick and one from a penalty awarded against his rival - to crib back Crismanich's lead to 6-5. But the South American scored twice more to end the round, 8-5 ahead.

Crismanich, 25, scored the only point of a disappointing final round.Scott said his mentality was to "go hard out'' in the first two rounds "to see if I could get any points up''."I just give it my opponent and, if he doesn't like it, too bad. .. but it's kind of a hard fight when someone comes back to  you with all those flying kicks as well. ''But he thought his bout went "really well''. "I have no regrets when I go out there. "It's just unlucky I didn't come out on top against an experienced fighter.'' Scott rated his first Olympics a "10 out of 10'' experience and said he was aiming for Rio in 2016.

"I'll train really hard for the next four years and try and fit in my [personal trainer] studies as well.''

Born in Cape Town, he came to New Zealand at the age of eight and took up taekwondo at 14 because his mother, a third-dan karate black belt, thought martial arts would keep him out of trouble. Scott turned down a contract with the New Zealand Warriors rugby league club to specialise in taekwondo but he said tonight he had no regrets about his sporting choice. New Zealand's other taekwondo Olympians, Logan Campbell (mens' 68kg) and Robin Cheong (women's  57kg ) were also eliminated in the first round.




Iain McGregor/Fairfax NZ FLYING KICK: Hedaya Wahba of Egypt (left) was too strong for Robin Cheong of New Zealand.

New Zealand has made a disapponting start to the Olympic taekwondo competition in London with both Logan Campbell and Robin Cheong suffering first round defeats. Campbell was bundled out 10-6 by Ukraine teenager Hryhorii Husarov in the under-68kg division. Campbell looked to have the fight under control but suffered two kicks to the head in the third and final round to lose 10-6 at the ExCel Arena. "I was looking good, it was just a pity I didn't cover those head shots," Campbell, 26, from Auckland said. "What can you do? I went out there, I had trained my hardest I did absolutely everything right to prepare. It didn't happen for me on the day." Cheong, too, had a bad final round. At one point she only trailed third seed Hedaya Wahba (Egypt) 7-6 but her opponent landed three three-point blows to take the bout 17-6. Potentially both Campbell and Cheong could get a second life if their opponents advance to the final, though in Campbell's case he knocked that prospect on the head. "He (Husarov) is definitely not going to go through against the world champ (Turkey's Servet Tazegul) which sucks because I would've loved to have fought the world champ," Campbell said.


Union South Island Championships 2012

News article by Garry Carpenter:  Union South Island Championships 2012

Results for the TUNZ South Island Championships can be found on: The TUNZ SITE


Results from the recent 2012 TUNZ South Island Champs


Individual Poomsae 
Tom – Gold

Abbigail – Silver
Katie – Bronze
Liam – Gold

Pairs Poomsae
Tom/Katie – Bronze

Maddy – Gold

Abbigail – Gold
Lawrence – Gold
Clark – Bronze
Tom – Gold
Katie – Gold
Alan – Gold
James – Silver




Congratulations to our club members:




IN THE ---- TNZ OPEN 2012









London 2012 Olympics: taekwondo guide

Taekwondo translates into English as 'the art of foot and fist' – and it is exactly that, a battle of kicks and punches.

The protagonists compete on a mat inside a eight-by-eight-metre zone, over three rounds of two minutes. The aim is to land accurate kicks and punches on the scoring area of their opponent.

A kick or punch to your opponent’s torso scores one point, an additional point is awarded if the attacker has his back to his opponent at the point of contact - so spinning kicks score two points. Punches to the head are illegal, but kicks score three points. To be valid, shots must be of sufficient force. If the scores are level after three rounds, a fourth “sudden death” round is held to determine the winner.

The 64 fighters in each gender and 16 in each weight category, who compete in a straight knockout tournament with the final two playing for gold and silver. All fighters who lose to one of the two finalists enter another tournament to earn a chance to play the defeated semi-finalists for one of the two bronze medals.

Competitors need powerful and explosive legs - to launch jumping attacks from and to support themselves during standing, single-leg kicks.

Like boxing, they must also be conditioned to a level where they can ‘take’ attacks from competitors.

Tactics employed vary from fight to fight. For instance, taller competitors are likely to sit back and use their greater range against shorter opponents, who will be trying to get in close to prevent or avoid the kick.

Most points in taekwondo are scored via counter-attacking kicks or punches which require fighters to posses good anticipation. It is a sport about speed - of thought and execution - more than a sport of sheer brute force.

Injuries are common due to the physical nature of the competition - and the intensity of training. 

The most frequent types of injuries are, unsurprisingly, calf, hamstring and quad problems. Back strains, sprains of the foot and concussion, because of head-shots, are also common.

An important part of competition fighting is refueling and preparing the body between bouts. This involves eating increased amount of protein to aide muscle regeneration, treatment of bruising (ice-baths) and plenty of rest.


Dobok: White uniform worn by competitors.
Deuk-jeom: A point.
Gam-jeom: A one-point penalty.
Chung: The contestant wearing blue.
Hong: The contestant wearing red.
Taekwonda: A taekwondo athlete.


Top Of The South

This is an impressive medal tally and I'd like to say thanks to our instructors especially Alan Brian who takes the tournament team and also Liam Fernyhough who recently started the dedicated Poomsae class on Sundays. Thanks for all your hard work and time given.

Top Of The South

The Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Club Tournament Team Heads Up to The Top

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words!  

Though I did not travel with the team up to Blenheim I can see from the pictures that it was both an enjoyable and successful event for our tournament team. Like any club, there are benefits for those that get involved and ‘use’ what the club has on offer. Yes, ‘use’, the club is your club and the more you utilise the facilities and gain from the knowledge and experience available from your instructors and fellow students, this will not only benefit you personally in life but also make you a more valuable club member. 




Poomsae Madison
Team Poomsae Hannah; Clark; Katrina Bronze




Sarah  -           (withdrawal; injury)

James -           L7-10, L8-14, L4-16

Nic      -           W6-1, W4-1

Fraser -           W8-7, W7-2, W2-0, W#-# 

This has ranked several of Christchurch Olympics’ elite fighters as the top of their divisions;

Fraser -           Under 68kg

James -           Under 74kg

Nic      -           Over 87kg 

The elite tournament group is pleased with these results, and looks to improve on them in the coming year.


TNZ Blackbelt Championship 2011

Christchurch sent a strong team up to Auckland to compete at this year’s Blackbelt Champs. This was a very important tournament for the elite tournament group, as it was the first to be ranked under the TNZ High Performance Tae Kwon Do ranking system. This ranking system is used by TNZ to select fighters to compete on the NZ national team in overseas events. For the first time, a round robin system was used, meaning everyone competes against every other competitor in their division. This generates a large number of fights, but provides a more beneficial baseline for national representatives, who may have 5 or more fights to achieve gold.

Sarah was first up, with two fights in the Under 63kg division. She started her first fight, however an existing injury prevented her from competing further and forced her to withdraw.

James was merged into a higher weight class due to lack of entrants, resulting in 4 hard fights against considerably larger opponents. He fought well and showed improvement from his fight in Top of the South. Although James didn't win any fights in the Under 80kg, his entry into the Under 74kg division was still valid and granted him a first placing in the division he usually competes in.

Nic fought in the heavyweight division, with two opponents. He showed improvement in his ability and tactics, improving from a 16-15 win at the TUNZ Nationals to a 6-1 victory over the same opponent.

Fraser had 4 fights in the Under 68Kg division. These included two hard fights against experienced opponents. He demonstrated his superior technical ability, defeating all four over the course of the day.




TNZ Blackbelt Championship 2011

Christchurch sent a strong team up to Auckland to compete at this year’s Blackbelt Champs. This was a very important tournament for the elite tournament group, as it was the first to be ranked under the TNZ High Performance Tae Kwon Do ranking system. This ranking system is used by TNZ to select fighters to compete on the NZ national team in overseas events. For the first time, a round robin system was used, meaning everyone competes against every other competitor in their division. This generates a large number of fights, but provides a more beneficial baseline for national representatives, who may have 5 or more fights to achieve gold.

Sarah was first up, with two fights in the Under 63kg division. She started her first fight, however an existing injury prevented her from competing further and forced her to withdraw.

James was merged into a higher weight class due to lack of entrants, resulting in 4 hard fights against considerably larger opponents. He fought well and showed improvement from his fight in Top of the South. Although James didn't win any fights in the Under 80kg, his entry into the Under 74kg division was still valid and granted him a first placing in the division he usually competes in.

Nic fought in the heavyweight division, with two opponents. He showed improvement in his ability and tactics, improving from a 16-15 win at the TUNZ Nationals to a 6-1 victory over the same opponent.

Fraser had 4 fights in the Under 68Kg division. These included two hard fights against experienced opponents. He demonstrated his superior technical ability, defeating all four over the course of the day.



Sarah  -           (withdrawal; injury)

James -           L7-10, L8-14, L4-16

Nic      -           W6-1, W4-1

Fraser -           W8-7, W7-2, W2-0, W#-#


This has ranked several of Christchurch Olympics’ elite fighters as the top of their divisions;

Fraser -           Under 68kg

James -           Under 74kg

Nic      -           Over 87kg


The elite tournament group is pleased with these results, and looks to improve on them in the coming year.



TUNZ National Club Championships Oct 2010

Congratulations and a really good effort from our members  that competed at the national event held over labour weekend at the Rolleston community centre. Thanks for those members that helped on the day especially Ming for all his work as team coach. Tournament's are not all about sparring and poomsae. There are opportunities to start as a corner judge, on the front desk as juror, and then referee. TUNZ and TNZ does provide courses for officials to get formal training and this can lead to international events where you can be sponsored to attend by the WTF.


Tayo Hart - Gold
Madison Didham - Gold
Liam Allwood - Gold




Nathan Pryor - Silver
Nat Campbell - Silver
Cathryn Allwood - Silver
Abigail McLaughlin - Silver
Katie McLaughlin - Silver 
Ryan Curline - Silver


Nat Campbell - Gold






 The TUNZ National Championships held in Rolleston was a very well organized tournament due to the unforeseen implications after the Christchurch earthquake.

We sent quite a small team of 9 fighters to the tournament but still came out very well off claiming 4 gold and 6 silver medals in the fighting. We also had 2 competitors in the poomsae competition (Nat and Tayo), I won my group poomsae and also claimed the title of Best Junior Poomsae, unfortunately Tayo didn’t place in the poomsae though he tried his best.

Over all the team went extremely well at the tournament bringing a vast medal tally home to the club, I myself am very proud of everyone for their effort and commitment to the tournament. Also I would like to post a special thank you to Ming Tan for helping to coach the fighters.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Report by: Nat Campbell  



Our team at the venue




On Friday the 24th a team from Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo travelled to Canberra for the 2010 Australian Open. With 1207 competitors of which 30 were from NZ this event was an opportunity for our members to compete in an international event. With a large venue, huge crowds and 6 mats running during the event, the experience is invaluable. Team coach and competitor Alan Brian had a big work load trying to juggle between competing and coaching. Alan won his first fight before narrowly missing out from progressing through to the third round and medal contention with a score of 4-5. Nic also missed out by just a point in his first round and I think that we would all be contemplating "what if", and when the team reviewed the fights captured on the clubs video camera latter that night at the hotel I'm sure that the scenario of winning was played out in the mind. This is what competition is all about, putting yourself out on the mat, doing your best and learning what it takes to push yourself up to the next level. Chris came up against a strong opponent and also lost  his first fight. There are sacrifices and commitment that many of us don't get to see and being a member of the family living with an athlete can have some benefits and drawbacks. I personally "lost" 3kg as Sarah's diet had an effect on our family meals. She was determined to fight in the under 59kg weight division and also entered the under 62kg women's open. She managed a win in each division before losing her second rounds. In the under 62kg, 2nd round fight, a hammer kick to the nose of her opponent in the dying seconds almost secured her a win but the clock kept ticking and her opponent showed the experience to cover a bleeding nose counting down the final seconds and progressing through to the next round. It was a tired team that retired to the hotel that night having had an early start and fights continuing up to midnight.


Article by: Web administrator


"The national Championship will display triumph, dedication, athleticism and pride. All competitors have trained hard, and won their place in this competition. Enjoy the chance to pit yourself against players from all over our fair country and beyond. Enjoy the chance to be the best you can be. We urge all players to reach across state lines and cheer for the battler and the winner alike. Whether you win or lose it is your chance to show the true Taekwondo spirit of respect and sportsmanship".

Excerpt from 2010 TKD Australia Open Catalogue. Danny Crkvencic (ACT Director)  and Ray Leonard (ACT Tournament Manager)




Chris - Sarah - Nic - Alan Time out to take in the sights!



Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Tournament Team Feb 2010 

Nat Campbell  





 After winning my poomsae division, all the gold medalist   poomsae competitors were put into a division to see who the best of the best was. Out of that group I won the Champion of Champions trophy and the overall champions title for poomsae.







 Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo results for the TUNZ South Island Championships. This event was held on Saturday June 26th 2010 in Dunedin.    






 Saturday 26th June

Today I went to the South Island Taekwondo champs in Dunedin. Everyone tried very, very, very, very hard. We are so proud of all the people that fought from our club.
Chrissy and Sarah did not fight in the tournament as well as Nick and Alan and Chris. Alan, Nick, Sarah, Chrissy and Chris were judges at the tournament. Chris won a medal for top judge.

The people who won a bronze medal were Nathaniel Campbell and Jason Hubbard. Alyssa Ong won a silver medal. Scott Casey,Tayo Hart, Liam Allwood, Devon Bishop, Cathryn  Allwood and Arshad Basharati all won a gold medal. Nathaniel Campbell (gold) and Tayo Hart (gold) did poomsae which is patterns and Nat won a trophy for top poomsae.

The kids and adults were doing lots of : front kicks, back kicks, turning kicks, round house kicks, side kicks and sometimes hammer kicks.

Me and Scott were playing games on his i-phone when it finished.

Thank-you for reading my story.

By Madison Paige Didham






 Congratulations  Nathaniel Campbell who also won the TUNZ trophy for Poomsae

Our club would like to thank Grant Beel  and the Green Island Taekwondo Club  for welcoming us and providing a great day on the mat.


   TUNZ National Championships 2009

 Last weekend seven Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo competitors and two Shirley Olympic Taekwondo competitors took part in the 2009 TUNZ National Taekwondo Championships, held in Wellington. This was a large tournament with over 300 sparring and 100 poomsae competitors. This meant for two days of competition spread over three rings.Due to the amount of entries, the organisers chose to schedule the days competition into specific times throughout the day, this resulted in all competitors knowing exactly when they would be due to compete and resulted in the competition running smoothly and on time.  All seven of Christchurch Olympic athletes competed on the Saturday. There were some close fights and overall we came away with very good results. Tayo Hart was the first up for the day, a tough first fight saw him lose, however in the play off for bronze, he upped his intensity and took a well deserved win. Nat Campbell had an easy fight and was too strong for his opponent and comfortably came away with a gold medal. Karesha Walker had two tough fights against heavier competition, however her superior speed and timing saw her come away with two wins and another gold medal. Alyssa Ong competing in the junior black belt division, had to use all her skill to overcome her opponent, some solid counterattacking saw her take the win. Andrew Dyblenko, taking part in his first tournament, drew an aggressive opponent. His fight was very close, and he had to dig deep and did well to win by 1 point. Devon Bishop got the lucky draw and had a straight final. An interesting fight saw her competitor receive 6 points for a head kick. This resulted in her opponent being declared the winner. This discrepancy saw the fight protested and in good spirits the result was overturned and Devon was given the win. Nathan Pryor had a tough day. His opposition took advantage of a couple of his mistakes on defence and scored some quick counter attacks. Unfortunately Nathan couldn’t get the points back and ended up taking the bronze medal. Sunday saw Shirley Olympics two competitors.  Rob Ross was the first up competing in the men’s black belt veterans division. His superior speed and strength saw him take two easy wins.  Lucille Tullet was the last to fight. It was a close match with both fighters displaying a lot of aggression. However Lucille’s determination won her the match.



  Overall some very promising results:
 Gold:   -       Nat Campbell
-         Karesha Walker
-         Alyssa Ong
-         Andrew Dyblenko
-         Devon Bishop
-         Rob Ross
-         Lucille Tullet 


 Bronze:  -     Tayo Hart
-          Nathan Pryor








The Taekwondo TUNZ Nationals was very well run and organised. I have
been competing in tournaments for around four years, and this would have to be one of the best. I won gold. My first fight I won 15 to 1. And my next, 10 to 5. I was very proud of my achievements. Our club (Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo) did very well. A special mention to Andrew Dyblenko (new-be) who won his first fight 3 to 2. After all that excitement we went out to the local family diner ‘Denny’s’ where we casually booked a table for 30! That was a bit of fun after everyone’s hard work.  


Karesha Walker  






 TNZ Black Belt Championships 2009


  The 2009 TNZ National Black Belt Championships were held at Avondale College, Auckland on the 29 August. The level of competition was high as this was seen as a selection tournament for the 2010 Junior World Championships and a selection tournament for the 2010 World Poomsae Championships.


 Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo sent 5 athletes to this event, all competing in the sparring category.  Due to the fact that the competition was for black belt competitors only, the tournament attracted approximately 70 competitors. This meant there was one ring operating and the competition wrapped up around 5pm. Christchurch’s two junior competitors, Sarah Vergeer and Chris Casey both dominated their opponents. With only one fight each, their instructions were to fight smart and to pressure their opposition. Both fought confidently and won easily by a high point’s differential over their opponents. This should hopefully put them in a good position to vie for places on the NZ Junior World Championships team. In the senior divisions there were some mixed results. Alan Brian was the favorite heading into the men’s under 68kg division. Alan proved too strong and experienced for his first opponent winning 14 points to 1. In the process though he sustained an injury to his right foot, this was later found out to be a broken big toe. In the final he struggled to score, and although he threw plenty of kicks and was the superior fighter he lost narrowly 1 point to 2. Tneal Wilson competing in the women’s under 73kg division came up against fellow NZ team mate Hayley Schofield in a combined weight division. Tneal’s opponent proved too strong and experienced and although Tneal never gave up she was defeated by quite a few points. Hopefully she’ll learn from this loss and it should help to motivate her during training coming into next months World Championships. Nic Dorman was the last Christchurch competitor. Nic, competing in the men’s over 87kg division, drew one of his old Auckland team mates who had beaten him in July at the TUNZ North Island Champs. Nic showed good composure and his improved footwork saw him take the win, scoring with a back kick, and a head shot.





 Overall some pleasing results.
Medal Tally:  
Gold – Sarah Vergeer, Chris Casey, Nic Dorman
Silver – Alan Brian, Tneal Wilson  


 The team would like to extend their gratitude to Jan and Bren Dorman for hosting the team for the weekend. Thanks for looking after us all.


 TUNZ North Island Championships 2009 


Girls Black Belt 13 Years under 60kg – 1st Sarah Vergeer
Boys Black Belt Over 55kg – 1st Chris Casey
Men’s Black Belt Over 70kg – 1st Alan Brian
Men’s Black Belt Heavyweight – 3rd Nicolas Dorman


 The club sent a small team of four fighters up to New Plymouth for the TUNZ north island champs. The competition was held on the 25th July at the TSB Arena in New Plymouth. There were approximately 300 entries in the tournament, as a result there were three competition rings, and the fighting continued through until 7pm in the evening.


 Due to the high number of entries, the organisers opted to keep the 7-point gap and 12-point ceiling rule. This helped to ensure the fights would run through quickly so as not to run too late into the evening.
Our first fighter up was Sarah Vergeer, competing in the female junior black belt division. With a small division of only 3 fighters, she had the lucky draw and went straight through to the final. Sarah was far too skilled for her opponent and won easily in the first round by 7-point gap scoring a head shot to win the fight easily. Gold for Christchurch  Next up was team coach Alan Brian, competing in the men’s black belt lightweight division. Although a little bit slow to start, with some adept ring craft, and taking a solid punch to the face, Alan won his fight by 7-point gap 5 to –2. The final was a comprehensive display of superiority. Alan won the fight 8 – 1 in the second round, completing shutting down his opponent who could barely get a shot in. Another gold medal. Chris Casey was up next, competing in the male junior black belt division. A sluggish start saw Chris down on points at the end of the first round, however this only helped to motivate Chris who started to make a comeback. A solid head shot in the first 20 seconds of the third round saw the scores even, and from there he finished solidly scoring another head shot to win the fight. Yet another gold. Nic Dorman was the last Christchurch fighter up, competing in the men’s black belt heavyweight division. Nic drew one of his old Auckland teammates first up. Nic struggled to get space and lost on points, his opponent going on to win the division. Nic had a second fight for the bronze medal. Although a little disheartened from his earlier loss, a solid first round saw his spirits rise and he went on to easily win, claiming the bronze medal.

Some very positive results going into next months Black Belt Championships.
Overall results:
Alan Brian – Gold                Nic Dorman – Bronze
Sarah Vergeer – Gold         Chris Casey – Gold


Alan Brian 


 TNZ Open (Auckland March 09)


 Two hard long days + One excited big team = Successful results and 2 enjoyable days.


 The New Zealand Tae Kwon Do International Opens was held in Auckland on 28th and 29th of March. Two international teams came, which were New Caledonia and Aussie, this just spiced up the competition a bit more. The Christchurch Olympic team sent up 16 competitors, we came back with 11 gold,  3 silvers and 2 bronzes. We were kept very entertained with these fights with one of our fighters winning with a knockout in his fight! The 1st day went to midnight, the team and supporters were exhausted. But all of us gained great experience especially using the new electronic body pads. The body pads were a bit different but much more accurate with the scoring. These body pads will start being used a lot more often so the more we use them the better. The next day we gained 2 golds, 2 silvers and one bronze in the poomsae. The competition was tough. The tournament ended at 3pm on Sunday. Well done to these competitors! 

  The medal talley

Gold - Sarah, Tneal, Chris , Nat, Karesha, Scott, Arshad, Nathan, Liam, Devo
Silver  -Alan, Tneal and Tayo
Bronze – Danny and Nic

Gold – Nat (2), Chrissy and Nathan
Silver – Nat and Chrissy
Bronze – Chrissy

  Tournament Team Update 22 July 2009

  The last 12 months has seen some changes in the team, with both Danny and Aroha, two very experienced fighters, leaving the team. As you know Aroha has gone to live in Sweden with her partner and Danny has left to focus on other pursuits. Subsequently this has resulted in some minor changes to the dynamics of the team, with my-self taking over the main coaching responsibilities. Personally I think the changes have been minor, and with the help of some of the parents and supporters the team is going very well and our results over the last 12 months can support that. September last year saw Christchurch Olympic TKD sent a team for the first time to the Australian Open. We had some very good results with Alan taking a silver medal after 5 fights, Danny taking a bronze, Sarah getting a silver and Nathan getting a bronze.  I see the Australian Open as a tournament that the club should be targeting as a major event for promising up and coming fighters. There has been some interest in attending this year, however as I will be competing at the world championships the same month, I won’t be able to participate. September last year also saw our fighters compete at the TUNZ nationals in Christchurch. I’m not too sure of the exact results, but I know that the team performed strongly. November saw the Commonwealth Championships in Canada. Both Nic and my-self were selected to represent NZ. We both gained some valuable international experience, and both walked away with bronze medals after winning fights against international opponents. After this tournament, we both attended a week long training camp with the Canadian National team, consisting of Olympians and professional Taekwondo fighters and coaches. We learnt quite a few new exercises, and just the opportunity to train alongside top ranked TKD fighters is not only beneficial for myself, but has been beneficial in the training of the team. So far the events we have taken part in this year have been the NZ Open, and the South Island champs. We had a lot of medal winners at both events and that can be attributed to the tenacity of the fighters and the help of our passionate supporters. Goals for the immediate future are success at this weekend North Island Champs in New Plymouth. We are sending a small team consisting of; Alan, Nic, Sarah and Chris Casey.

  In case you weren’t aware both Tneal and myself have been selected in the NZ National team to compete at this years World Championships in Denmark in October. This means that there will be an increased focus at trainings, and more emphasis on the Tuesday speed/fitness and conditioning class that I have been taking every Tuesday over the last 12 months. So please don’t plan on starting up a class that night as I have been taking this class for a while now and I don’t plan on cancelling it anytime soon. This also means a huge financial commitment from the two of us as well. Approximate costs to attend the world champs have been roughly estimated at around $5000. So any kind of help would be much appreciated. Other immediate goals are the design of a new tournament team tracksuit, polo shirt and team bags. We have found a style that we are happy with, I just need to get organized and start getting that all together. We are trying to keep costs to a minimum. The other goal that I have is obtaining new focus mitts and kicking pads. I believe Joanne has applied for some funding for this, as the current state of most of our gear is embarrassing. And this would not only benefit the tournament team but would benefit the whole club, as this equipment is used at most training sessions. Overall the Tournament team is going very well, we have some very dedicated team members who attend all classes, and our parents and supporters are the most passionate that I have been involved with over the 15 years that I have been part of the club. Hopefully we can get the results that we are after and I believe that with the on-going support of the club, we can uphold the reputation that we’ve built up over the last 15 years. Thanks to everyone who has helped myself and the team over the last 12 months. 
                                                                                  Tournament team coach :   Alan Brian




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