All Taekwondo Students are well aware that the sport of Taekwondo is steeped in tradition and focuses a great deal of attention on Discipline and Etiquette within the Dojang.  Our rules are there to encourage a positive learning environment for all our Students, and to enable training classes to run effectively without interruption. What may not be commonly known is that these expectations also extend to those who enter our Dojang as guests or spectators.   For this reason we have compiled a few reminders for our spectators:

·       Please ensure that if you are sitting at the rear of class during Training that you do not talk loudly or often.  Unfortunately 
        this can be very distracting to White belts at the rear of class who may find it difficult to hear the instructor or may find it difficult
        to concentrate.
·       Please ensure your cell phone has been switched to silent so as not to disturb the class.
·       Please refrain from standing on the mat in shoes.
·       Please ensure that young children are kept off the mat at all times due to safety risk.
·       Please refrain from talking to Instructors or Students during a class as this can be disruptive.  We wish to encourage a sense
        of  formality and respect during class and this formality helps to encourage Students to concentrate on their Syllabus without
·       Please feel free to continue to offer positive support and encouragement to students during class but please refrain from doing
        so during Patterns as this can be distracting.

Thank you for your understanding and continuing support. We appreciate the dedication of all the parents, family members and caregivers who support our Students.

 The Black belts
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