• Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Club welcomes Victor Francey
    The Club extended a warm welcome to Victor Francey who was visiting from his hometown of Gruyere in Switzerland. Victor was here in Christchurch for 3 months until December 2013. Victor, aged 21, is the Swiss National Taekwondo Poomsae Champion and we are honored to have him train with us. Victor started training at the age of 7 years at his Club: 'Kim Taekwondo Fribourg' under the instruction of Master Dieu Huy Song. He achieved his black belt in
  • Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Club 20th Anniversary
    On Saturday the 20th July 2013, Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Club celebrated 20 years of the Club's existence. As a non-profit, volunteer run organisation this is a huge achievement and truly worth celebrating. Over the last 20 years the Club has moved from strength to strength thanks to the efforts of all our Students, Instructors and supporters who have worked hard to ensure the Club keeps innovating and moving forward.
    On Saturday 25th May 2013 after the Taekwondo Union of NZ Annual General Meeting, the Union presented a 3 hour Poomsae Seminar open to all Union Taekwondo Students to attend. The Seminar was held at our Christchurch Olympic Dojang and was well attended by our Christchurch Olympic and Shirley Olympic Students. We had 7 black belts and 10 coloured belts with several members of our kids class also attending.
  • NZETKD Training Camp 2013
    The weekend of January 18th - 20th saw the 3rd High Performance Development Training Camp facilitated by New Zealand Elite Taekwondo (NZETKD) get underway.

    30 athletes from around the country travelling from as far as Auckland and Christchurch made their way to Palmerston North to undertake a full schedule of Taekwondo development at the Massey University Sport & Rugby Institute (SRI).
    On Friday 15th February I travelled with Ginny Cheng to Auckland for the 2013 TUNZ Instructors Camp. This year the camp was held at the YMCA Camp Adair in Hunua, Papakura which is approx 37mins south of Auckland city. The camp itself is really big and is hugely popular for school groups offering great basic amenities as well as confidence courses, a large gymnasium, large grassed fields, a water slide/mud pool and campfire area.
  • Mat Ransom presents Anita with 4th Dan Certificate
    On Saturday 24 November the Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Club undertook 3 gradings in one day under the examination of 6th Dan, Master Matt Ransom from Auckland. The day began at 8:00am with a closed Senior Dan Grading. I was personally grading for 4th Dan and Nic Dorman was grading for his 3rd Dan. The grading was intense in the sense that our knowledge of syllabus and technical application was tested thoroughly.
  • Taekwondo Core Sport For 2020 Olympic Games
    IOC Executive Board recommends Taekwondo as one of its core sports for 2020 Olympic Games
  • "It is a way of life for me. It brings the best out of me, keeps me focused, fit and strong... I love the rewards from Taekwondo such as self discipline, motivation and the community of friends I have met through the sport both here in Australia and throughout the world ..." - Steven Currie (Australia), Champion of 2010 WTF World Para-Taekwondo Championships.
  • The club has a copy of this book which you will be a good reference for members to help explain and fine tune patterns.
  • Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo was set up by a group of individuals that had a passion and vision for Taekwondo and helped establish our club and dojang.
  • WTF's strong commitment to the development of taekwondo, backed by an array of diversified programs as such brings us the title "sport for hope and inspiration"
  • I encourage you to pick up a pen and a piece of paper and jot down the goals you want to reach. Look at each goal and evaluate it. Make any changes necessary to ensure it meets the criteria for a SMART goals:
    As the 2012 London Olympic Games is less than one year away, taekwondo athletes who dream of an Olympic medal go to all lengths to make their dream come true.
  • Instructor Liam Fernyhough won the gold medal for his division in black belt Poomsae when he attended the TUNZ North Island Championships in Tauranga on 22 June 2012.
  • Dear TNZ Member Organisations,

    Please ensure that this message is passed on to your member clubs and their athletes.

    Attached is the TNZ selection policy for the 2012 Oceania Championships which are being scheduled for the 1st – 2nd December 2012, Gold Coast Australia.

    Please note that applications for selection must be received by TNZ by no later than 20th July as detailed in this Policy Document.
  • Nine Things Successful People Do Differently

    Success is hardly ever an accident but a series of progressive actions taken. Also it starts with a decision to succeed!
  • At this year’s Nationals we will be presenting deserving individuals with some new awards. We need you to tell us who these individuals are that deserve some recognition.
  • Thanks Christchurch Olympic Tae Kwon Do Club for being a very special part of Children’s Day
  • Scott will be joined at London2012 Olympians Logan Campbell (men's under-60kg) and Robin Cheong (women's under-57kg) Scott Vaughn Scott (mens 80kg).
  • TNZ views player development as a primary goal. Therefore the TNZ teams will have two formats:

    1- Open Championship (focusing on the World Championship events)

    2- Development (focusing on the Australian Open)

    As a result of this forward focus, Taekwondo New Zealand is asking for the following submissions:

    1- Coach and Management positions for the teams (Submission details to be announced in January)

    2- Athlete submissions for the teams listed above (athlete pool)


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