• Christchurch Olympic TKD Poomsae Team traveled to Dunedin during the weekend for the Otago Poomsae Development Tournament
    Poomsae is becoming more popular.
    2015 The Otago Poomsae Development Tournament, hosted by Green Island Taekwondo.
    ‘‘There are just as many people doing poomsae as there are fighting.
    ‘‘I love seeing kids develop their technique through poomsae. It makes them better. . .they get deeper into their stances and use their muscles a lot more.
    ‘‘Poomsae is harder training than fighting — there is nowhere to hide.
  • On Sunday 15th February the Korean World Peace Corps Team arrived here in Christchurch to be hosted by the Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Club.
    AS you may have heard the WTF Peace Corps accepted TNZ's invitation to come to New Zealand. For those who don't know too much about the Peace Corps, they are Taekwondo-practising University students from Korea who travel throughout the world promoting Taekwondo and Korean Culture.
  • The Hutt City Taekwondo Open 2015 Tournament
    I attended the The Hutt City Taekwondo Open 2015 Tournament on July 4. A group of us competed in Poomsae (patterns) held at the Hutt Valley Badminton Hall in Lower Hutt. This was the 6th tournament I have competed in but the first in the North Island. Initially, seeing the other Individual competitors was a little bit intimidating because there were so many.
  • 2015 Kyorugi Seminar   Dafydd Sanders
    On Saturday 8th August, our dojang had the honour of hosting the world-class athlete Dafydd Sanders. Dafydd currently holds the 12th position in the WORLD for Kyorugi in his division and plans to make it into the 2016 Olympics in Rio.
  • On Monday 27th I had the honour of visiting Master Kaino Thomsen- Fuataga's Taekwondo Club: KL Taekwondo in Mautautu-uta, Samoa.
    It was a real honour to meet Kaino and his family and such a great experience to train with his Club.
  • Stretching Class for 2015: Introducing
    If one of your goals for 2015 is to improve your flexibility and kick strength then The Rubber Band Club is for you!
    Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo took part in the Top of the South tournament, at the Marlborough Lines Stadium in Blenheim on the 25th of October. We had a large team competing in both poomsae, sparring, and helping with refereeing and judging.
  • TUNZ Logo  - Congratulations to Erin Garscadden, from Capital City Taekwondo, for her winning entry.
    As you are all aware we recently held a competition for the new TUNZ logo.
    At the TUNZ Nationals in Christchurch the new TUNZ logo was unveiled and warmly received.
    The weekend was a fantastic insight into the challenging role of Referee which will assist us as we step up to give it a go at the next tournament and also to assist us as coaches who will benefit from having a good knowledge of the current rules and systems.
    "When you start to train for that level of competition you need to know the rules inside out, as part of the preparation we studied what the judges will be looking at and what will result in deductions".
  • New Zealand Elite Taekwondo Kyorugi and Poomsae Development Camp 2014
    On the 25th-27th July I participated in the New Zealand Elite Taekwondo Kyorugi and Poomsae Development Camp in Palmerston North. As one of the new Poomsae Technical Directors for the Taekwondo Union of NZ I was invited to attend the Poomsae component of the weekend. The Camp was held at the Massey University Sport & Rugby Institute which is an extremely professional facility which has been used by the All Blacks and many other high performing sports teams.
  • 2014 Oceania Championships and Australian Open
    Recently, we had two of our members represent New Zealand over 4 days of competition at the 2014 Oceania's and AU Open.
  • Greg Butterworth Poomsae Seminar
    On September 7th, our Tuesday Poomsae class was lucky enough to have 7th Dan Master Greg Butterworth agree to give an impromptu Poomsae seminar.....
  • TUNZ Instructors Camp 2014
    On the weekend of 22-23 February, Clark and I along with Julia-Grace, Adam, Paul, Anita and Rafael attended the 2014 Instructors Camp held in Christchurch.
  • Gina Gao Koryugi Seminar
    CHRISTCHURCH OLYMPIC TAEKWONDO SPARRING SEMINAR - 6th April 2014 - On Sunday 6th April our club played host for one of TNZ’s National Coaches, Gina Guo. The event was organized as part of TUNZ's kyorugi development programme and was open to all clubs in the area.
  • April Grading 2014
    'Congratulations to all those that participated in the Adult Grading on Saturday 12th April. It was a hard grading with the introduction of our new syllabus on top of the usual physical elements that we have come to expect! I want to make a special mention to the large team of white belts who all performed really well on the day. The first grading is always nerve wracking and intense but you all looked well prepared and that can be attributed to all the hours practise you have put in.
    Our end of year grading was under the scrutiny of external examiner Master Matt Ransom a 6th Dan Black Belt Master Instructor and with over 30 years active involvement in Taekwondo.
  • What was great about the Top of the South Champs
    •Travelling to play sport in another location outside of Christchurch
    •Representing the Christchurch Olympic TKD Club – we have the best club by far
    •Having the crowd cheer you when you are fighting – our team and supporters are very loud
    •Learning from the best – our coaches are second to none and we are so lucky to have them
    •Watching and cheering for our team
    •Having lots of laughs with the team during the tournament day and getting to know th
  • Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Club welcomes Victor Francey
    The Club extended a warm welcome to Victor Francey who was visiting from his hometown of Gruyere in Switzerland. Victor was here in Christchurch for 3 months until December 2013. Victor, aged 21, is the Swiss National Taekwondo Poomsae Champion and we are honored to have him train with us. Victor started training at the age of 7 years at his Club: 'Kim Taekwondo Fribourg' under the instruction of Master Dieu Huy Song. He achieved his black belt in
  • Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Club 20th Anniversary
    On Saturday the 20th July 2013, Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Club celebrated 20 years of the Club's existence. As a non-profit, volunteer run organisation this is a huge achievement and truly worth celebrating. Over the last 20 years the Club has moved from strength to strength thanks to the efforts of all our Students, Instructors and supporters who have worked hard to ensure the Club keeps innovating and moving forward.

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