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Latest News - 14 February 2019  -  TUNZ Poomsae below post.

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Class times and days:

5.15pm-6.15pm kids general class
6.30pm-8.00pm adults general class

6.00pm-7.00pm Poomsae/Techniques class

5.15pm-6.15pm kids general class
6.30pm-8.00pm adults general class

6.00pm-7.30pm Sparring/Fitness class

Everyone yellow belts and above are welcome to Tuesday and Thursday classes!! (no extra charges)

Wish everyone a fantastic year with training and individual goals!!  

Classes for 2019 - see TRAINING page

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2019 TUNZ tournament dates:

Saturday, 30 March – North Island Champs

Saturday, 1 June – South Island Champs

Saturday and Sunday, 28/29 September – National Champs

Saturday, 26 October – Top of the South (unconfirmed at this stage)

Good evening, Instructors and Poomsae Players.  This year the format of the poomsae squads is changing.  Some of our directors are off to higher education, some are involved with expanding families.  As a result, our National Director, Samantha Price, has decided to run some regional weekend seminars throughout the year.  These seminars will be held in different locations each time.  Those keen on poomsae can attend as many as they wish.  There will be an equal number of seminars held in the North and South Islands.   Details of these seminars will be sent to you all soon.  Can you please announce this at club trainings to keep your members updated – thanks. 

Poomsae Squads have run every 6 weeks for the last 2 years.  We have had many Taekwondo members faithfully attend these squad trainings, and who now have a good knowledge of poomsae technique and performance.  It is hoped that these people will be regularly giving back to their clubs, and possibly even their regions.

The outline of venues, dates and times will be emailed in the not-too-distant future. 

Kind regards – Joan  
Joan Fountain
Taekwondo Union of New Zealand

Dear Instructors,

Happy New Year to you and your members.

Please find attached a New Year message from Taekwondo New Zealand’s Acting Interim Board Chair, Mr. Kenneth Shunken. NEW YEARS MESSAGE

Please also follow the below link for WT President Chungwon Choue’s New Year message.


We kindly ask that you share this email with your members and associates. 

Kind Regards, 

Matt Ransom
Interim Board Member
Taekwondo New Zealand

Dear Instructors,

Taekwondo New Zealand is pleased to announce that the nomination criteria for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo has been finalised by the New Zealand Olympic Committee and TNZ. It can be downloaded from the following link:


Next up is the 2019 World University Games Selection Criteria which is currently being finalised. We expect to release this along with a further TNZ update over the coming week.

2019 National Team Selection Process 

In recent weeks the TNZ Interim Board has been working closely with World Taekwondo and our key stakeholders towards finalising all relevant selection policies and procedures for 2019. This includes setting dates for our 2019 regional and national tournaments. Discussions are ongoing and we expect to provide more details and updates in early November. 

For now, Taekwondo New Zealand is pleased to announce the 2019 National Team Selection Process, which you will find attached with this message. If you have any questions regarding this please email TNZ Interim Board Member Mr. Mike Hennessey at mike_hennessy@me.com or interimboardtnz@gmail.com

Please note that the 2020 Olympics Selections Process and Nomination Criteria is also currently being finalised with the New Zealand Olympic Committee, and we expect it to be released in November.


If you have any questions for the Interim Board please email us at interimboardtnz@gmail.com

We look forward to welcoming you and your team at the 2018 TNZ National Championships.

Kind Regards,

Matt Ransom
Interim Board Member
Taekwondo New Zealand

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