TUNZ polo shirts

Good morning, All!  At the camp this year, our TUNZ Ex Co polo shirts were much admired, and a number of those present asked if they could purchase something similar. The Ex Co polo shirts are black with red highlight, and have the TUNZ logo on the front.  The Ex Co members are easily identifiable when wearing these shirts.  TUNZ agreed it would be great for Instructors, Coaches, Officials, Team Managers, or senior club Administrators to be readily identifiable at a tournament or seminar with a TUNZ polo shirt as well.  Because our Ex Co have black and red shirts, it was thought that another colour combination would be good for our Instructors, Coaches, Officials, team Managers or senior club Administrators.    There is a very smart polo shirt available at the website below that is black with grey highlights – the TUNZ logo stands out very nicely on this.  Please look on the website below for the picture of the polo shirt.

The web store for TUNZ polo shirts is now live.  The cost is $44 and the shirts come in both men and ladies styles.  Althought the website says that orders close on the 25theveryone has until Friday 5 March to place their orders.   

The link is http://www.nzhoodieco.net/tunz-polos-2021

TUNZ has also approved t-shirts with the TUNZ logo for use by your club members.  The web store for t-shirts will be available next week.

Kind regards - Joan

Posted: Sun 07 Feb 2021



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