TUNZ Updates and Newsletter – October 22, 2016

*STRATEGIC PLAN: Attached is the Strategic Plan as approved by your Executive Council. As well, a “Pathway to Success “ Good afternoon, Instructors! The following is an update from your TUNZ Executive Council. The 2nd Executive Council meeting of the year was held in Christchurch on 17 September, 2016.
TUNZ Updates and Newsletter – October 22, 2016

Good morning, Instructors. The election on 29th October is at the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting. Following discussion by the TUNZ Executive Council it was agreed

Gina Guo, Darryl June (DJ) and Mark Tester would be nominated to go on the TNZ Board. Gina already has experience on the Board while DJ and Mark are currently participating as members of a working party who are reviewing the TNZ constitution. Vijay’s experience will not be lost as he will continue to assist with the TNZ Referee sub-committee. The board that is to be elected on the 29th October will serve until the AGM at the end of January, 2017. We will be given further information prior to that meeting.

Kindest regards - Joan

Good morning, Instructors!

*TNZ DATA BASE – thanks to all of you for taking the time to get the data base information sent in to TNZ. All up, TUNZ has over 880 members across the country. At present, for every 250 members TUNZ gets a vote and a representative at TNZ level. So we have 3 votes and 3 elected representatives in total. The Extra-Ordinary General Meeting is being held at the end of October to elect the TNZ board. You will have recently received a TNZ update from the Interim Secretary General. TUNZ will also keep you fully updated on happenings.

*INSTRUCTORS’ CAMP – Please put this date in your calendar now – 20-22 January, 2017. The programme is almost fully complete - we are just finalising some really interesting and different speakers. Full programme should be out to you in the next week or two. It should be a really stimulating weekend, at a really wonderful venue – in the beautiful Massey University grounds in Palmerston North – at the New Zealand Sport and Rugby Institute. If you haven’t already, please start to think about transport, especially if you are taking flights. Remember, the actual camp is fully subsidised for one instructor from each club – but if other instructors/senior club members are interested, they are VERY welcome and it will cost only $100 extra. Watch this space for further updates!

*STRATEGIC PLAN: Attached is the Strategic Plan as approved by your Executive Council. As well, a “Pathway to Success “ (part of the Strategic Plan) has also been attached. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get back to me. We will be discussing this further as a group at the Instructors’ Camp in January.

*TUNZ POOMSAE JUDGING COURSE: Remember the other date for your calendar is the TUNZ Poomsae Judging Qualification course with Master Craig Barrett – an International Referee based in New South Wales – 15 April 2017 in Christchurch, and 16 April 2017 in Palmerston North. This is for all black belts and red belt/black tabs who know their WTF patterns. There will be 4 levels of qualification – Level 4: those who know to Koryo; Level 3: those who know to Taebek; Level 2 : those who know to Sipjin; Level 1: those who know to Hansu. We will send out more information early in the new year, and call for registrations at that.

*UPPER SOUTH POOMSAE DIRECTOR: I am very pleased to announce that Anthony Chan of the Blue Dragon Taekwondo Club has agreed to take on the position of Upper South Poomsae Squad Director. We now have filled all 4 regional positions and Sam Price (Knox) (National Poomsae Director) is to liaise with all directors very soon.

*WEBSITE: the new website administrator is on deck, and the TUNZ website should be up and running in the next few weeks. I’ll advise as soon as this is ready.

Kind regards - Joan

Joan Fountain
Taekwondo Union of NZ

Good afternoon, Instructors. A short email today to let you know that long-serving TUNZ Executive Council member, Matt Ransom, has resigned from the Taekwondo Union of New Zealand. Matt cites family and work reasons, and the heavy workload involved with his commitments at the TNZ level. He said “something had to go”, and he has decided that because he feels that TUNZ is moving in a positive direction, his energies are no longer needed within the organisation. Matt has been with the Union for many years , and has worked in so many capacities – many years as President. He has taken the Union, and taekwondo in general, forward hugely in New Zealand. I know many of you have known Matt for a long time – both in his Union capacities, and, as a result in many instances, as a personal friend.

We wish Matt all the best for his future.

Kind regards - Joan

TUNZ Newsletter – September 30, 2016

Good afternoon, Instructors! The following is an update from your TUNZ Executive Council. The 2nd Executive Council meeting of the year was held in Christchurch on 17 September, 2016.

*With regard to the TNZ, Matt Ransom, Interim Secretary General, and one of the TUNZ Executive Council members is keeping you informed with regular newsletters about what is happening with the TNZ. Thank you to all clubs who have entered their members on the TNZ data base. If any clubs have not yet done so, please contact secretary@tunz.net.nz and we will get you some assistance.

*A new draft Strategic Plan was tabled at the meeting. This is a document indicating where TUNZ is at present, and where it would like to go in the next 3 years. Ex Co members have taken it away to read and to comment on. A lot of work has gone into the development of this plan since it was first mooted at the May, 2016 Ex Co meeting, and it is hoped to have it out to you in the near future.

*a draft of the Instructors’ Camp programme is also being studied by the Ex Co at the present time. It has been decided that the Instructors’ Camp in January, 2017 will be held at the New Zealand Sport and Rugby Institute at Massey University, Palmerston North. This is a very comfortable and spacious facility on the University grounds, and the camp will be fully catered. It was acknowledged that Palmerston North was not the easiest or cheapest place to fly into, but plans were mooted to have South Island club instructors coordinate flight times as best they could and hire a mini bus in Wellington for transport 2 hours north. TUNZ will finance the full weekend accommodation/catering/programme for 1 instructor from each club. If any club has multiple instructors, or assistant instructors who wish to attend, they are very much encouraged to do so, at a cost of $100. (Transportation costs will be the responsibility of each club instructor.)

Again, after the Ex Co have had a chance to digest the programme for the Camp, we hope to get this out to you in the near future.

*TUNZ Poomsae Judging Qualification: it has been decided that we need to upskill our black belts at all levels so that they can judge at TUNZ tournaments/events. Master Craig Barrett, an International Referee from New South Wales, who is experienced at delivering these courses, has agreed to come to New Zealand on 15-16 April, 2017 to deliver the course and issue qualifications. The South Island course will be in Christchurch on Saturday, 15 April, and in the North Island in Palmerston North on Sunday, 16 April. This course will be for all black belts who have done a judging course in the past to refresh and upskill, and to all entry level black belts who are keen to get into the judging world. There will be various levels of qualification to suit all interested black belts, and red belt, black tabs. Got a black belt who isn’t sure what direction to follow now they have their black belt? – please suggest to them this course. Instructors would find it beneficial as well. The course would also benefit all those in Poomsae Squads. This TUNZ Poomsae Judging qualification would last 2 years, and then be renewed at a follow-up course. Registration forms will be sent out to you in early 2017. But please note these dates in your calendars now!

*TUNZ Kyorugi Judging Qualifications: again, it has been suggested that we need to upskill and develop those black belts who are interested in refereeing and judging Kyorugi. This plan is in its very initial phase, so further information will be forthcoming.

* Poomsae Directors: Congratulations must be directed at Sue Keen (lower South), Anita Harding (upper South) and Sam Knox (lower North) for all their hard work as regional Poomsae Directors. Sam has also been instrumental in directing and supporting TUNZ poomsae.

Sadly for TUNZ, Anita Harding has recently resigned from Taekwondo to move in a completely new direction in the martial arts, and has therefore relinquished her Poomsae Director role. We are in the process of seeking a new Poomsae Director for the Upper South, and will let you know the results when we have them.

After not having had a Poomsae Director for some time in the Upper North, Jade Vere Flint from the Karori Taekwondo Club is moving to Auckland, and has agreed to become the Upper North Poomsae Director. Jade is a 6th dan who moved to New Zealand about 6 months ago from Melbourne where she was fully involved with Dans Taekwondo. We have had glowing references about Jade from the Karori club – they are very sorry to be losing her. Once Jade has settled into Auckland, TUNZ will be organising poomsae development further with her.

*Website Administrator: We have recently secured the services of a voluntary website administrator who will be ensuring that the site is kept up-to-date. The administrator is starting after the school holidays once she can liaise with the web designer. If you can’t remember the log-in name and password, please just email the Secretary (secretary@tunz.net.nz) and it will be sent to you. Please let your club members know that they, too, can view the website.

*There are a couple of tournament dates already on the TUNZ calendar for next year: Saturday, 3 June (Queen’s Birthday weekend) for the South Island Champs in Invercargill; and first weekend of school holidays in September for the TUNZ National Champs in Wellington. Please note these dates in your calendars now!

*TUNZ badges are alive and well! They cost $5 per badge, and you just need to email the secretary who will forward your order to the Treasurer, and if you don’t have the TUNZ internet banking details for payment, just say and I will forward that on to you. Once payment is made, the badges will be sent. The New Zealand flag badge is no longer available.

*Black belt (dan) grading applications are no longer being processed through TNZ, and TUNZ now has a more direct route. This should speed up the process. If anyone has overdue Kukkiwon certificates (over 6 months), can you please provide details and send them to the TUNZ Secretary.

*There are 3 “sit round the table” Executive Council meetings per year – January, May and September. The rest of the time there is heavy email traffic between all of the Ex Co ensuring the smooth running of TUNZ. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll do my best to get you an answer.

*Please share this TUNZ newsletter by forwarding it to your club members. Thanks so much!

Kind regards – Joan (on behalf of the TUNZ Executive Council)

Joan Fountain
Taekwondo Union of New Zealand 

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