Over the years our club members have successfully represented both our club nationally and internationally . The achievements page showcases our members that have represented New Zealand.

Alan & NicAlan Brian

Nic Dorman


Christchurch Olympic TKD recently had two of its members compete at the WTF Oceania Championships held on the Gold Coast.

Alan Brian and Nic Dorman were both selected to represent NZ at this world ranked event. 

Nic did well in his first fight, but came undone in his second, eventually taking a bronze medal after losing to the overall silver medalist from Tahiti.

Alan won his opening two bouts and made the final. After a close three rounds the scores were tied and the fight had to go to a golden point fourth round. Unfortunately the point didn't go Alan's way and he had to settle for a silver medal.

Check out the Taekwondo NZ home page for the full NZ team results.




Anita Harding 4th Dan -- Nic Dorman 3rd Dan presented certificates by Matt Ranson secretary general of TNZ

By Anita Harding

On Saturday 24 November the Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Club undertook 3 gradings in one day under the examination of 6th Dan, Master Matt Ransom from Auckland.  The day began at 8:00am with a closed Senior Dan Grading. I was personally grading for 4th Dan and Nic Dorman was grading for his 3rd Dan.  The grading was intense in the sense that our knowledge of syllabus and technical application was tested thoroughly. We had a fantastic turnout of Black belts supporting both Nic and I on the day and this support was genuinely appreciated.  I am pleased to say that both Nic & I achieved our respective grades with some good feedback from Master Matt Ransom.  It was a great result after months of training and hard effort and I would personally like to thank everyone in the Club who assisted Nic & I and everyone who offered their support. 

Following the Dan Grading we then held the Kids Class Grading.  Our kids had never undertaken a grading taken by an external examiner so the nerves were running high but I am pleased to say that everyone who graded rose to the challenge and did themselves proud.  The focus and concentration was evident as all students performed their syllabus to the very best of their ability.  The fitness component of the grading is always challenging and this grading was no exception. The perseverance shown was inspirational.  Master Matt Ransom was impressed by the grading as were all the Black belts. All kids’ class students were successful in achieving their respective new grades. It is great to see our kids moving through the ranks and I look forward to watching all of you go on to achieve in 2013.

Following the Kids Class Grading we proceeded with the Adult Class Coloured belt Grading.  Being the last grading of the day the anticipation of what lay ahead for our coloured belts meant that nerves were again a battle before the grading even started. This grading started with an excellent warm-up taken by Master Hayden Spatcher from our Shirley Club who had everyone 'glowing' and well stretched before the grading got underway.  What followed was a hard and fast grading that saw our students put through their paces without a minute to rest. The fitness component was fairly relentless but again our students showed true grit and mental toughness as they battled through everything that was thrown at them despite injuries, illness and exhaustion.  The syllabus component of the grading showed some significant improvement throughout the ranks and whilst we always need to work on refining our technique it is pleasing to see that students have been putting in the practice and taking feedback on board from previous gradings in order to improve. I am pleased to say that all of Adult Class Students achieved their new grades.

I would like to commend our newest white belt who undertook what turned out to be a very challenging first grading and also to our junior students who have recently joined the Adult Class undertaking their first Adult Grading. I was very proud to see individuals rise to new challenges.  It was particularly exciting to see our Red Belts achieving their Black Tabs. Even more exciting is the prospect of future Black Belt gradings which may follow!

Overall the day was a huge success thanks to the efforts of our Students, the support of our Black belts and Instructors, and a special thanks to our wonderful Committee who arranged the BBQ lunch for students and spectators.  As Master Matt Ransom explained in his closing summary of the day, the Club is moving in a new and exciting direction.  We have depth and experience and some wonderful juniors coming through who will step up and facilitate the future success of our Club. Let’s work hard to continue the success of 2012 and strive to maintain our high standards in 2013.

5th Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships, Chennai, India

 Nic Dorman has been selected by TNZ, to represent New Zealand at the  5th Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships, Chennai, India

Nic has been recently training with Master Oh, concentrating on reactive kicking and sparring techniques. We wish you good luck Nic and look forward to your return to NZ, I'm sure that your training and tournament experiences in India will help toward instructing the kids tournament class this year.

TNZ High Performance Project

 From  :

Taekwondo New Zealand is pleased to announce that it has secured funding from SPARC for a 'High Performance Project' to operate through to the end of 2010.  This project will enable five of our top athletes to travel to international events with a support team, as well as having access to a number of specialist support services.  
The five athletes who met TNZ and SPARC's criteria and are covered by the project are Vaughn Scott and Robin Cheong from Auckland, Hayley Schofield from Wellington, Matt Beach who is currently based in Columbia (formerly from Wellington), and Alan Brian from Christchurch.

TNZ Secretary General Matt Ransom is delighted with this result and said, “This is a huge step forward for WTF Taekwondo in New Zealand. It has been accomplished because of the encouraging international results being achieved by our athletes in recent years. It's also a result of the hard work that has been put in over many months by volunteers such as our Funding Manager John Schofield.  Ultimately TNZ’s goal is to deliver programmes that will enable as many of our top performing athletes as possible to have access to far greater opportunities and resources than they currently enjoy – this is just the first step.”

Christchurch and Shirley Olympic Taekwondo club members travel to Tijuana to compete in the Youth Olympic Games qualifying rounds and the Junior World Champs.

Traveling to Mexico with the NZ Junior Taekwondo  team as a parent was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed.

With five competitors and six adults including the team management it was extremely interesting observing interaction between the group in different circumstances, from the 27 hour journey to Tijuana to the difficulties of the Mexican culture, there was never a dull moment.

Vehicles carrying heavily armed drug  officers roamed the streets,Taxis crammed with as many people that fitted were common, the only road law seemed to be “who had the largest vehicle ruled” , and the relaxed Mexican lifestyle was infectious, I wont forget trying to buy a hat at the markets, we could’t agree on a price so the guy offered free Tequila to the children if I purchased it.
( who wants to see my new hat !!!!!!!!).

This all sounds like the Wild West but safety amongst the group was paramount and all acted responsible.

Our accommodation was OK, but after Joanne and I witnessed the chef sneezing over a meal he had prepared for a customer we decided the wellbeing of our competitors took priority and for the duration of the trip we would eat elsewhere.

With over 100 countries and 880 fighters competing the two competitions were reasonably well organized and the facilities were superb. La Just electronic pads were used and a video replay appeal system was used so true results were recorded.

The club can be proud of both Sarah and Chris both on and off the mat, with such a daunting  fighting atmosphere  both adjusted to the pressure well, and were not intimidated by any opponents.Their preparation and training by Alan  in the preceding months was excellent and showed in their fitness whilst competing.

Chris had a win by disqualification and two very close losses by two points, both of which with a little luck he could have won. Sarah at 14, fought the USA number one and didn’t take a back step, this experience will be valuable in two years when she will have the opportunity to qualify for the next Junior worlds.

I would recommend any athletes to take the opportunities to compete at this level if presented , as the experience and   knowledge gained by both Chris and Sarah , will be valuable for the club in the future , and I know they are both full of ideas to bring to class.

Lastly congratulations to Joanne  who at late notice was asked to form part of the management team, and in my opinion did a fine job, once again this is a valuable experience for the club.

Adrian Casey  





Sleep is important, preparing for tomorrow!  


Grand Master Kim; Mike Hannah team coach/manager end of  tournament funtion.

When first arriving in Mexico I didn’t know what to expect, but it was when we crossed the boarder into Tijuana from San Diego, did I first realise how different the Mexican surroundings were. 

Our first taxi ride to the hotel was an experience in itself, we were told to cram as many people we could manage into one taxi. The taxi driver meanwhile had managed to somehow compress our luggage into the back and whatever stuck out; bungee cords were used to hold it back in. The taxi driver thought it was funny to show us he could drive with no hands and continuously made a joke of scaring us. It was then I realised that the next 14 days were going to be very exciting.

Our first couple of days at the venue was a major eye opener for myself and the rest of the New Zealand team, we all witnessed first hand what the Junior World Championships was all about. On one of the days, the New Zealand team was lucky enough to train next to the Egyptian team. I found it really interesting watching the intensity they trained at, their kiyups were basically screams and they definitely didn’t lack any aggression! As well as this the flexibility of some of their female competitors was incredible, they could put their foot vertically above their head with ease! Although we witnessed many countries training and fighting, I came to realise that everyone was as good as each other, it was the mental aspect which separated the difference between the countries.

When the first competition day arrived for the Youth Olympic Games Qualifier, I had mixed emotions, very excited and nervous at the same time. To get to the venue we took our hotels mini-van to the Grand Hotel Tijuana (where the rest of the countries were staying), followed by a bus ride, escorted by police to the venue. In the first day of competition, New Zealand had two fighters Randy and Hetal. Both fought extremely well with Randy winning two fights against Tunisia (5-4) and Israel (8-2) before losing to Columbia. This definitely helped the New Zealand team as it boosted the excitement within the team.

Time flew by and before I knew it, I was just about to begin my fight. I fought Tunisia first up, because my first opponent (Kenya) failed to show up. Unfortunately I lost 2-0 and the Tunisian ended up drawing the Korean in the next round and lost 7-3, the Korean then went on to win the division. This first fight made me realise that competition was going to be tough and I needed to have no hesitations going into the Junior World Championships in the following week.

On day 4, the last day of competition for the Junior World Championships it was my turn to fight again. This time I had drawn the Australian competitor in my division (this being the first time New Zealand fought Australia on the world stage). It was another close fight with the Aussie edging me out 4-2. Australia then went on to win against Lebanon, before losing to the bronze medallist, Canada.

From both my fights I learnt a great deal, both personal and Taekwondo qualities. The Junior World Championships has given me the opportunity to further my ability in Taekwondo sparring. I am very glad to have had this valuable international experience and would recommend this to anyone who is given the opportunity to fight overseas.

Finally I would like to thank everyone in Christchurch Olympic and Shirley Taekwondo for all of the on-going support you have given me. In particular I would like to thank Alan, Nick and Hayden for all of the extra trainings, new techniques and extra support you have given to me from months prior to the tournament. Thank you also to the New Zealand team management, Joanne Vergeer (Manager), Caroline Tee (Medic) and Mike Hannah (Coach) for making it a very smooth and successful trip.

Chris Casey

Tijuana = Wow!!!!

It was like living in a movie!

From majorly armed guards, side shops all over the sides of the streets, massive drugs shops on pretty much every single street and yellow coloured taxis was a sight to take  in!
And an experience I will never forget and a place I totally recommend you to visit only once in your life time!

Once we arrived in Tijuana we met our coach Mike Hannah and our other team mate RJ at the hotel we stayed at which was an alright hotel in general. We had an hour to brush up and get ready to go to registration which took 4 hours long, just to pretty much take a picture and get an I.D card!
So after that I was pretty much dead on my feet as we has spent the last 15 hours getting to Mexico, but we still had training which we did in the gym room back at the hotel.

The next 2 days we went to the official training venue where we trained in this massive white tent situated in the middle of an athletics track! We got to see some other teams train. Egypt by far were the most impressive, they screamed their heads off and the intensity of their training was so high! To top off their training, impressing me was the drill they did which was a back kick and land in the full splits! In these two days we also went to the Revolutionary Market, which is this place with loads of tourists shops and attractions, where in the shops there are no set prices!

I had quite a bit of off time before my fight, as there was YOG Qualifications which I didn't compete in! With the YOG Qualification tournament first, I had a lot of time to watch different countries styles and techniques and what the referees picked on. RJ, Hetal and Chris competed in this tournament. All of them put up brilliant fights. RJ did very well in this tournament winning 2 of his fights. There were also over 90 countries there too.

After this tournament we had one day of down time till the next tournament of when RJ and Hetal would fight again. There was an opening ceremony which only RJ, Randy and Caroline went to. Apparently it was very good!

Junior World Championships was finally here with RJ and Hetal competing two days before me and Chris and Mark two days after. I didn't feel nervous till the morning of my fight but I shook it off. I had drawn USA and was starting to feel kind of excited to begin my fight I only had a 15minute wait on the court area before my fight. In the end I lost to her 8-1 but learnt a lot from the 6 minutes of experience on the court, with my coach Mike giving some helpful advice and encouraging support. USA went on to fight Chinese Taipei who had just fought Russia, USA however lost to Chinese Taipei.

The overall experience for me was awesome! Mark, Chris, RJ and Hetal were real cool teammates and made the trip fun and were cool to hang with. The management was superb and the parents were a great help on the trip. No one got seriously injured and for the rest of the trip we relaxed, had more fun and went shopping in San Diego and went on the U.S.S Midway.

So thanks to all the support people have given me, Alan helping me train. The trip was smooth and I can't wait till the next trials for the next junior worlds in two years time!!

 Sarah Vergeer


Managers Report 

Recently I travelled with the Taekwondo New Zealand junior team to Tijuana. The team were competing in the Youth Olympic Games qualifying  round and the Junior World Champs. Michael Hannah was the head manager and coach in charge of the NZ team, Caroline Tee was our team doctor. TNZ appointed me as team manager under the guidance of Michael Hannah which gave me the opportunity and experience to learn and hopefully use in future events. I have experienced quite a  few tournaments here in NZ and Australia but nothing here quite prepares the athletes for going up against the best in the world on an international stage. They all performed well and in particular Randy Javier who was attending his second junior world champs and succeeded in winning two of his fights. Experience at this level is invaluable and if we as a country hope to achieve success and win medals at major tournaments we have to prepare our juniors and give them the exposure at these events. 
I would like to say thank you for all the support of members from our club Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo, this was a big boost for Chris and Sarah.  They were representing not only New Zealand but also our club. You can all be proud of the effort they both put in and the overall attitude and behaviour of the junior team while on tour representing NZ and our club. 
On a personal note I would like to thank TNZ on behalf of our club for all the organisation and planning that they put towards the preparation, team safety and travel to Tijuana and the opportunity for me to develop as a team manager.  
                                                                     Joanne Vergeer


Three Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Fighters Win Awards

At the recent TUNZ National Taekwondo Championships, three Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Fighters were presented with Competitor of the year awards. These awards are presented to athletes who have performed consistently at a number of competitions over the previous twelve months. This is a very prestigious award with past recipients including:

 - Matthew Beach – Wellington (NZ National Team member, Olympian, three time NZ representative at the WTF World Championships, Silver at 2008 WTF Commonwealth Champs, Bronze 2009 Bogotá Open)

Alan Brian – Christchurch (NZ National Team member, two time NZ representative at the WTF World Championships, Bronze 2008 WTF Commonwealth Champs, Silver 2008 Australian Open)

- Steve Ricard – Wellington (Two time NZ representative at the WTF World Championships, NZ Team Member 2006 WTF Commonwealth Championships, Silver 2007 Australian Open)

The recipient’s of this years awards were:

Senior Male Black Belt    – Nic Dorman, Christchurch
Senior Female Black Belt    – Hayley Schofield, Wellington
Junior Male Black Belt  – Chris Casey, Christchurch
Junior Female Black Belt   – Sarah Vergeer, Christchurch
This can only be seen as promising news for the Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Club.

This Year Two of our fighters competed in the world champs in Copenhagen Denmark

Congratulations Alan Brian and Tneal Wilson 
2009 WTF World Championships

The 2009 WTF World Taekwondo Championships concluded on Oct. 18, 2009 after a five-day run at the Ballerup Super Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Copenhagen World Taekwondo Championships drew a total of 928 athletes, including 558 men, from 142 countries, the largest ever in WTF history. The 2007 Beijing World Taekwondo Championships attracted 865 athletes from 116 countries. For the first time in WTF history, electronic body protectors were used at the World Championships. Under revised Competition Rules, an instant video replay system was introduced, along with a new scoring system, which gives an athlete three points per kick to the head. During the opening ceremony of the 19th WTF World Taekwondo Championships, WTF President Chungwon Choue made a speech for the participants. Choue was reelected a third time as president of the WTF at the WTF General Assembly at the Scandic Copenhagen Hotel on Oct. 13.  In his speech, WTF President Choue said, “Now the sport of taekwondo has become more dynamic than ever, and more globalized than ever. I thank all the taekwondo family for the support and love for our sport.”  In the overall results, Korea managed to clinch the overall title.

Alan Brianmen’s title at the 2009 WTF World Taekwondo Championships whilst China grabbed the overall women’s title. This was the first time Korea failed to win both the men’s and women’s overall titles. In the men’s division, Korea won three gold medals and one silver medal for the top place in terms of total points, followed by Iran with one gold, one silver and three bronze medals. Spain came next with one gold, one silver and one bronze, while Turkey grabbed one gold and two bronze medals for the fourth place. The United States followed with one gold and one bronze. In the women’s category, China took home two gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal for the top place, while Korea stood at second with two gold’s, one silver and two bronzes. Spain came next with two gold’s and two bronzes, followed by France with one gold and one bronze, and the United States with one gold medal. The New Zealand team had some promising results with Robyn Cheong placing in the top 16, and Matthew Beach winning his opening round fight, then losing by 1 point in the second round of competition to the eventual bronze medalist.  Christchurch fighters Alan Brian and Tneal Wilson failed to make it through the first round of competition.

Kukkiwon Visit

On October 25th Christchurch Olympic Third Dan Black Belt Alan Brian made a trip to the World Taekwondo Headquarters, theEntrance to the Kukkiwon ‘Kukkiwon’ in Seoul, Korea. The purpose of his trip was purely social, with no actual taekwondo training performed. However he did get to witness a mass children’s black belt grading. Our grading over all ranks would consist of a maximum of 50 participants, a mass grading in Korea means approximately 500 students. This means there were hundreds of kids wandering around in their doboks, practicing for their grading, which seemed to consist of showing some basic techniques, a few poomsae, and a couple of rounds of semi contact sparring, with big breaks in between so the next wave of people could be tested. Overall the ‘Kukkiwon’ is primarily a big dojang/stadium. It was completed in 1972, and it main purposes are to promote and research taekwondo, overlook and facilitate the applications for black belt (Dan) grading, and assist the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) and KTA (Korean Taekwondo Association). The Kukkiwon essentially is the home of taekwondo and for anyone who is passionate about taekwondo, a trip to the Kukkiwon in ones lifetime is essential.
                                                                                                                                                              - Alan Brian

21st  October 2009

The competition has finished, the NZ team had some good results with one top 16 finish. Alan lost his fight to Poland 5-1, and Tneal lost to Cyprus 10-0. There were definitely some interesting results in the championships. With the use of the new electronic body pads, some teams (Korea in particular) struggled to get the results that were expected of them. In previous tournaments it was unheard of for korea to be eliminated in the first round of competition. However these championships saw top fighters eliminated in the first and second rounds of fighting.  This should be seen as very promising for NZ, with the use of electronic protectors, and the introduction of the video replay system, it means that there is no bias towards particular fighters or countries. Hopefully TNZ will obtain some lajust body pads so that the NZ fighters can get more accustomed to the new system so that we can get better results in the near future.

16th October 2009

The New Zealand National Taekwondo team arrived safely in Copenhagen earlier this week. After trying to get over a little bit of jetlag after 3 long flights, and getting accustomed to the cold weather (8-10 degrees), the team got together for two training sessions before competing. During the training sessions the team got to test out the lajust electronic body pads, as well as checking out some of the other teams.Day one saw 2 NZ fighters competing. Matthew Beach got NZ off to a good start by beating his first opponent, in his second fight he drew the Olympic bronze medallist from Kazakstan and although he fought to the end, he narrowly lost by one point. Hayley Schofield drew a tough fight first up and lost to Cuba, her opponent went on to take the gold medal. Day two saw only one NZ fighter competing, Robyn Cheong. She got off to a good start when her first fighter didn´t show up, then won her second fight against Russia in golden point. Her third fight saw her paired up with Italy, three tight rounds saw the score tied and unfortunately she lost in golden point. As I’m writing this email day two is still going. Tomorrow Alan is fighting in a big featherweight division with approx 100 competitors. His first fight is against Poland, and if he wins he will be up against Jordan in the second round. To take the gold medal will take 7 wins. Tneal is competing on Saturday, with her first opponent being Cyprus. Hopefully we get some more good results over the next 3 days of competition.
                                                                                                                                                                                              - Alan

NZ Team with WTF PresidentNZ Team at opening ceremony

Alan BrianInside the stadium

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