Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Club 20th Anniversary

On Saturday the 20th July 2013, Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Club celebrated 20 years of the Club's existence. As a non-profit, volunteer run organisation this is a huge achievement and truly worth celebrating. Over the last 20 years the Club has moved from strength to strength thanks to the efforts of all our Students, Instructors and supporters who have worked hard to ensure the Club keeps innovating and moving forward.
Christchurch Olympic Taekwondo Club 20th Anniversary

The club held its 20th Anniversary dinner celebration last month at Riccarton Park. We had a fantastic turn out of past and present members along with family, partners and friends. This included some of our founding members and faces we had not seen for a while, thanks guys good to see you all again. Throughout the night it was great to see old acquaintances getting re acquainted, with plenty of reminiscing of the 'good old days", like when the club trained with no mats. The kids let lose on the balloons and appeared to have heaps of fun with charades, at the expense of some senior and black belts. The night was rounded out with a DJ and some hot, and not so hot, moves on the dance floor! 
It was heart warming to see some of the core qualities of our very proud club on display all night; camaraderie, friendships and the great family atmosphere. Thanks to all those that helped to organise the night, well done. It was without a doubt a celebration worthy of this great achievement for the club and recognition of all the past and present who have contributed to making this club what it is today. 

John Frederickson

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