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Hosted the TUNZ 2012 Instructors Clamp

By Yorick Neal

Our club recently hosted the 2012 TUNZ Instructors Camp. The annual camp is designed to improve instructors’ skills and knowledge as well as maintain connections and support between different clubs in line with the TUNZ motto of “unity through friendship”.

10 black belts from the Christchurch Olympic and Shirley clubs attended the event, where they had the opportunity to choose between sessions that best suited their particular interests. First up on Saturday morning the options were either a half day first aid course through St Johns, an update on refereeing and using the protest system from international referee Master Vijay Chhika, or athlete testing by Garry Carpenter, TNZ Junior World Championship team trainer. This was followed by a two-hour session held by Master Johnny Kennedy from Kennedy’s Karate where he shared some practical self defense techniques. Close in and ground fighting aren’t widely practiced in Taekwondo, so this cross training session took many participants outside their comfort zone and expanded their repertoire of techniques.

Saturday finished with a choice of either poomsae training with Master Ivan Kim, the National Poomsae coach, or advanced pad work and developing speed with Christchurch Olympic instructor and experienced international kyorui (sparring) competitor Master Alan Brian.

Sunday morning started with Henshi Renzie Hanham, head of Seido Karate in New Zealand, and a director of Gazing International, who has extensive experience in mental conditioning with some of New Zealand’s top athletes, who shared his insights into preparing for competition and how mental conditioning techniques can be applied widely in many situations both inside and outside the training hall.

The final session of the camp was held by Garry Carpenter, who has extensive experience coaching teachers, on how to teach; give feedback; run a class; and what, as an instructor, you are responsible for, and what you can’t control.

Our club once again provided an excellent venue for the camp, and the club committee did a great job organizing and catering for the instructors from around the country who attended.

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