WTF Solidarity and Development Program

WTF's strong commitment to the development of taekwondo, backed by an array of diversified programs as such brings us the title "sport for hope and inspiration"

WTF Solidarity and Development Program

 WTF's strong commitment to the development of taekwondo, backed by an array of diversified programs as such brings us the title "sport for hope and inspiration"

The WTF goes to all lengths to develop and promote taekwondo through diversified development programs at different levels. The program consists of three main pillars - Taekwondo Hopefuls Training Program, Development Fund and supplies of taekwondo equipments and uniforms. 

The Training Program for Taekwondo Hopefuls is organized and implemented in partnership with Kyunghee University in the name of Taekwondo Training Camp in Korea. Two courses for athletes and coaches are held every year. Each course lasts four weeks and consists of diverse classes on taekwondo techniques for Kyorugi (sparring) and Poomsae, sport massage, acupuncture and Korean language.

The successful applicants for this program will be provided training, accommodation and board free of charge. The last session of the year is now going on and scheduled to finish on December 18. The information on the 2011 plan will be announced soon.

In an effort to subsidize development activities at the national and continental level, the WTF provides a Development Fund, formerly Reform Fund for its member nations and continental unions. The fund is distributed by sharing the Olympic revenues which the WTF receives from the IOC with WTF member nations and continental unions. This fund allows WTF members to identify the areas in need for development and invest in the areas that are deemed most important.

The third pillar is donating taekwondo equipment and uniforms in the form of value in kind for WTF member national associations in need. For this program a national Olympic committee or WTF member national association should send a request to the WTF for its review. 


WTF Mandatory Competition License for Athletes

WTF Council approves adoption of mandatory competition license for athletes 

 At the WTF Council meeting held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on October 6, the WTF approved the adoption of a mandatory competition license for athletes. This license will be a crucial tool in gathering valuable information on WTF`s top competing athletes and lead to a more efficient competition management process.

All licensed athletes will receive a unique WTF ID number and license card which will be used to identify and verify the athlete at all licensed tournaments. Key taekwondo data will be stored and accessible online through the unique WTF ID number for all athletes.

The mandatory license will be required starting from the WTF World Championships to be held in Gyeongju, Korea in May next year and be required for all WTF promoted championships. License registration will begin from January next year and must be completed by each taekwondo member national association.

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